E3 Gave Us A Glimpse Of BattleTech's Single Player Campaign

Battletech's hub area, The Argo is where you'll plan your travels and repair damaged mechs.

By Woozie, Posted 12 Jun 2017

If back at PDXCon it was announced that BattleTech will be published by Paradox Interactive, the PC Gaming Show, that was part of this year's E3, offered a glimpse at elements of the single player campaign. The Argo is the hub area (a ship, really) where mechs will be repaired and travel paths will be set. Players will control a team of mercenaries aiding a deposed ruler take her throne, all while space is plunged into civil war.

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Salvaging pieces of equipment from the battlefield will be an important aspect of BattleTech. Positioning will be another, as mechs have 11 different armor locations which can be focused. This means that you will want to take into consideration your position relative to your foes, depending on whether you're having the advantage or not. Adding to this, the environment will affect stuff like line of sight or cover. BattleTech is set to release sometime this year.

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