Annihilation Mode And Buildable Defenses Come To Dawn Of War III In Its Next Update

Two variants of the much requested mode will be available in Dawn Of War III in the future.

By Woozie, Posted 14 Jun 2017

Dawn Of War III has been out for a bit now and its playerbase is quite divided. In response to that, Relic Entertainment has acknowledged the dissapointed voices crying out for Annihilation mode and will provide one in the next update. In fact, there will be two variations on said mode. Annihilation Classic will be the standard format where, you start with little and are required to wipe out the enemy's base in its entirety. Annihilation with Defenses, will give you a headstart in the form of turrets that are already built upon game start.

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On top of that, doctrines that will allow manually building defenses will be added to the game. These doctrines will be readily available for all players, not requiring to be unlocked by using Skulls.Furthermore, a new map, Mortis Vale will be added whilst already existing maps will be retrofitted to accomodate the new modes. Lastly, a new set of free skins will be offered for all three Super Units. You can have a look at the full community update here. Also give our Dawn of War III Review a read.

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