Running Shadow To Be Removed From Steam

Free-to-play Running Shadow is yet another game to say goodbye to Steam.

By Daavpuke, Posted 21 Sep 2017

It’s hard to keep track of just what releases on Steam on any given day now. The open floodgates have brought this view to a point where it’s equally hard to see when a game disappears. Free-to-play game, Running Shadow, has announced it will be shutting down on Steam this year. Most would argue that they had no idea that this mobile port ever made it to Valve’s storefront in the first place. Please watch the video below for a short explanation and rundown of the game.

In a recent announcement, the game is said to be taken offline on December 21, 2017. Here’s the brief post in full:

The run has come to an end. Running Shadow will soon be shut down. Starting now, all game DLCs and packs of coins are not available for purchase. The app will be removed from Steam for new players but will remain available in your Library. Thank you all for playing Running Shadow.

Even though the runner is free, Steamspy notes that a little over 400,000 have installed it at some point, with only a few hundred players over the last two weeks. This number of installs is respectable, but apparently not sustainable, ultimately. Strangely enough, similar numbers are also true for larger entities, such as gamigo’s Fiesta Online or Bluehole’s Devilian. Discoverability is a challenge for any size of release.

Running Shadow,Free-to-play

Running Shadow is worth a look for those who want to just have a quick session of a few minutes. The casual game is built as a mobile application, after all. Several added elements are thrown in the simple runner mechanisms, to at least feign a roleplaying game experience. In the glut of releases and lazy ports, at least this one example tries to scale towards a PC audience. That’s a low bar to start off on, sure, but it’s something. However else you feel about Running Shadow, we’ll leave up to your discretion.

Let us know if you’ll give Running Shadow a shot in the comments!

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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