Dawn Of War III September Update Removes Skull System

Elites and Doctrines now available for everyone from the get-go.

By Woozie, Posted 26 Sep 2017

Released in late April, Relic's Dawn Of War III has been receiving monthly updates. Following the addition of Annihilation mode, defenses and new maps, the Skull system takes the spotlight this month. Previously used in unlocking Elites and Doctrines, the Skull system is, as of now removed from the game, for the most part. More precisely, all Elite units and Doctrines are unlocked from the get-go.

"We had intended for the Skull system to introduce pacing to the multiplayer experience, but we didn't want this to come at the cost of barring advanced play styles to those ready to tackle them. You'll still need to unlock Elite level rewards as well as those gained from campaign progress, but this will be a lot easier with an expanded arsenal of Elites at your command!"

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Alongside the removal of the Skull system, this month's update comes with a handful of bug fixes, all which you can find in the full patch notes. While on its own a good game, I found Dawn Of War III to be easily overshadowed by the previous entries in the series. Have a look at our Dawn Of War III Review.

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