By Andrew, Posted 28 Apr 2011

Hey NoobFeeders!

I hope you enjoyed my recent editorial, and don't forget to leave feedback! :)

In other news, I am working on finding a summer job. I am asking around town (I live in a village, with only a few places to work at so it's pretty limited) but I'm trying the local public library, the local newspaper, and if those fail there is also a grocery store near my house that is hiring. Most of you probably don't know that I'm 15 (birthday was this past Tuesday) so not many places will hire me, but living in a small village can change that sometimes. So wish me luck! ;)



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  • Happy birthday for Tuesday :)

    Best of luck with job hunting!

    Posted Apr 28, 2011

  • Your editorial was a blast. Really a great one. No wonder you took so much time for it.

    Late happy birthday mate and good luck hunting a job down :)

    Posted Apr 28, 2011
  • avatar RON

    My first job was at a local newspaper. It was fun out there. And for a potential writer like you, a newspaper is the ideal place to sharpen yourself. Don't just ask around, try hard and find someone you know working at the newspaper.

    Posted Apr 29, 2011

  • RON - My mom knows the Editor-In-Chief so that is a bonus. ;)

    Posted Apr 29, 2011

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