Noob Alert! GOTY 2011 emblem

By canana, Posted 03 Mar 2012

So, after the end of the GOTY 2011 awards, there's always a small prize for some devoted members that decided to share their opinions about our picks. Don't ask how do I had access to this Top secret information. So, without any further ado, I present you the newest citizen of the NF city: 


If you posted in the forum thread and in the multiple features about the GOTY 2011awards, rest assured, you'll be awarded with a new emblem. However, if by some sort of magic your posts vanished, disappeared or gone with the wind, you can always take some sort of proof. Just take a screenshot and send it to me. Still, I'll doubt that you can proof to me that you've posted because I have multiple eyes and special powers that allows me to see everything. 

Keep checking your profile in the next days and check your new award. Thanks for participating and see you next year! 

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  • Just noticed this at Twitter. I was expecting a goty emblem.

    Posted Mar 03, 2012

  • Nice one, I wish I had one :(

    Posted Mar 07, 2012

  • Unexpected but welcomed 

    Posted Mar 08, 2012

  • Yay emblemy powers!!! Congrats to those lucky few!

    Posted Mar 09, 2012

  • Just look at Marco's collection! He has more emblems than anyone else. Lee probably has the second highest.

    Posted Mar 09, 2012

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