Hell needs to freeze over

By Knight, Posted 08 Mar 2012

Seldom, if ever really, does one pick up the shattered remains of an obliterated emotion such a s love. Rather they will remain broken, empty. Once was the heart shattered, for years it was so, each piece hidden and crushed further by the enveloping sorrow.The Heart had grown accustom to that, to hurt. Up until that day there was no issue, tearful nights had become rare. However a spark, some form of passionate and determined light pierced the frozen home, in which those remaining pieces stayed. It Melted away the blackened crystals in which had entrapped those remaining shards. It pulled free layers of grown ice, wich had finally perfected its intended duty of sealing away all emotion. For a time those layers of frost were soothing, pleasant, astound, even effective. A balance of peace was within the soul, no longer looking for affection or attention.

Yes they were melted away, Each drop falling in to the hands of a new source of meaning. Entering in to a state of contentment and bliss, timing pleasing the soul. However time withers away all things eventually, only the strongest of things remain. This too was the case of withering. The heart, so close to being fully repaired and restored so as to reveal it's truest potential, was dropped. As it started to fall realization of what was to come hit, and the frost started to grow, but not soon enough. It fell with a monumental impact, shattering further in to near nothing. this time there was no wall, no more layers of frosted ice to hold back the torment of emotion agony.


Hell needs to freeze back over
To stop infinite sorrow
to hell all of the
tear soaked
I know many of you have no idea where i've been, but i've been checking, and busy. I haven't written recently, but this came out of me recently, felt nice enough to share. I'm curious how you all feel to the words within here.
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  • I'm simply guessing that this write-up has something to do with the recent change in your facebook relationship status.

    Posted Mar 09, 2012

  • Indeed you have been missed sir knight. and i know where you have been, but it is classified and thus unspeakable. quite poetic and nice. i give it 3 thumbs up (im using the fourth to play chess)

    Posted Mar 09, 2012

  • I have got an advice: Move on!!!

    Posted Mar 13, 2012

  • @Amaya Aye it does lass, Someone so. Tis been awhile since i was with a girl so long. It sparked a bit of creativity so i let it out.


    @Darmus missed? me? :D i feel loved. thank you for the support brohan


    @Syed Working on it bro, hit me up some time. been a while.

    Posted Mar 27, 2012

  • Try moving on. I know it's hard but that's the best thing to do in such situations.

    Posted Mar 27, 2012

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