10 Worst E3 Trailers

By Amaya, Posted 18 Jun 2013

Not every trailer at E3 was, as the 9th Doctor who say, fantastic. Although some of them highlighted great gameplay elements and a wonderful presentation sometimes a poor choice in music can ruin the entire thing. Occasionally the trailer simply sucks. These are what I consider the worst trailers at E3.

1. Earth Defense Force 2025

Not everything at E3 is excellent and some unfortunately made me yawn. Earth Defense Force 2025 has me listening to bad music, looking at poor character models, and enduring some terrible commentary. Why did you make me watch this Amaya!?

2. Ray's The Dead

Ray’s the Dead is an example of how an interesting title can be ruined by poor music. I immediately thought of Stubbs the Zombie as the trailer highlight some great zombie carnage, but that genetic robotic tune was simply annoying. 

3. Infinite Crisis 

Do you want to play as DC Comic’s most powerful heroes and villains in a free-to-play adventure? Infinite Crisis attempts to win you over by inciting you by being able to control Wonder Woman or Doomsday but ultimately the trailer shows a genetic top-down title with a DC makeover. 

4. Dark Souls II 

The presentation of Dark Souls II and gameplay shown looks marvelous. The trailer touched on everything I loved about the previews of this dark-fantasy but the music used throughout the trailer wasn’t complementary. It was like I was watching an oxymoron. 

5. South Park: The Stick of Truth 

South Park games have a garnered a negative reputation and with THQ going out of business I feared that the Stick of Truth, a promising title, would become vaporware. But now that's releasing I hoped for some gameplay footage, only to be annoyed by another meaningless trailer.

6. Killzone: Mercenary

While Killzone: Mercenary is Sony’s third attempt of bringing a successful FPS on the PS Vita. The trailer however highlights a lot of frame rate issues that, within a competitive environment, is unacceptable. It may look pretty but judging by this trailer I won’t be getting a PS Vita for this. 

7. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Epic Mickey 2 didn’t receive the commercial and critical success that was expected, but now a port is coming to the PS Vita. The trailer runs through new Vita functions and shows some colorful environments, but fails to discuss fixing the issues of the original game. Maybe they should’ve stated “Improved Camera Function”.

8. Open Me! 

While “Open Me!” looks like a clever puzzle title that could host an array of mind-boggling problems the trailer itself is poorly constructed. Why is there a heavy gust of wind constantly hitting this girl in a title that centers on locked boxes? 

9. Daylight 

Daylight looks like an amazing horror title but the trailer was something else entirely. Instead of showcasing the creepy gameplay elements we were delighted to a series of environments and a doll. 

10. RIFT

RIFT was released in 2011 and went free-to-play in 2012. Although the E3 trailers highlight a lot of reasons to join the world of Telara with glorious cinematics it doesn't provide anything unique. This can be easily mistaken for a launch trailer.

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You might not have enjoyed watching these videos above, but I do hope you've enjoyed these two blogs. Stay tuned for more.

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