Marvel's Spider-Man: A Hostile Takeover - A Worthwhile Prequel

A must read for anyone who plans to play the video game

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Aug 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man is one of the biggest games releasing this year and it's releasing in about 1 week. Before its release, Sony released a prequel novel written by David Liss and those who are planning to purchase the game are most likely wondering if it's necessary to read the book? While I've yet to play the game I can say that the novel has not only provides a fantastic story but insight into the world Insomniac has created.

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The novel starts off with Spider-Man taking on his daily duties, trying to keep a balance between being Spider-Man and Peter Parker. After stopping a low-grade criminal Spidey gets some critical information about a much more notorious villain and things begin to escalate from there.

Many of the confirmed characters from the game make an appearance here and the reader gets ample information about their motives and personality. Spider-Man still cracks jokes in the face of his opponents but Wilson Fisk is still a manipulative crime boss who seeks to control everything. However, slight changes to their nature give these notorious personalities a fresh take. What the novel does fantastically is telling its own story while setting up the video game.

We get a complete tale here, with a powerful and destructive antagonist along with a lot of mystery. Without spoiling much Spider-Man is faced with constant personal and physical challenges throughout. Whether it's battling against strong opponents or attempting to keep his personal relationships afloat. Mary Jane and Harry Osborn make appearances throughout and while Insomniac has been limiting information about how Mary Jane, who is a playable character in the game, will act the novel provides a lot of information about her abilities.

The novel is about 400 pages long but leaves the reader with a worthwhile understanding of what gamers can expect from the campaign. We get a backstory into what each of these characters is capable of how they reached this point of their lives. By the end, you'll feel prepared for what is to happen in the upcoming video game.

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