Bomb Bots Arena Releases Today On Android, iOS, PC, and Mac

Bomb Bots Arena releases today. Here what you need to know.

By Fredrick, Posted 01 Jun 2020

Bomb Bots Arena is the new take on Bomberman. Play in the deadly 4-player Brawl or 8-player Rumble arena, with each match feeling new and fresh due to unique map layouts. This free-to-play game offers bite-sized fun with matches lasting no longer than 60 seconds. At the 30-second mark, the edges of the arena burn, eliminating any player standing on them.

Playing matches, defeating players, and winning matches will net you experience to level up your Bomb Bot. The progression system allows you to earn new cosmetics to make your Bomb Bot stand out amongst the others. Make your Bomb Bot hulking, nimble-looking, or however you please. 

Bomb Bots Arena, Gameplay, Android, iOS, PC, Mac

Through level-ups, players also earn new abilities. Knock your enemies down with a punch, or chase them down with a remote-controlled bomb. The abilities give the game more depth, making Bomb Bots Arena an easy game to learn, but hard to master. Players that want to play Bomb Bots Arena on another platform don’t have to worry because their progress will crossover.

The game modes upon release are the 4-player Brawl and the 8-player Rumble. Players will be able to join friends and play custom matches, no matter the platform (Android, iOS, Pc, or Mac). There is also a battle royal mode in development. 

Tiny Roar is determined to keep players invested in the game with regular updates featuring new game modes, new Bomb Bot customization, and more.

Bomb Bots Arena launches on 06/01/10. The mobile-friendly game will be coming to Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, with hopes of a Nintendo Switch port in the future. It’s free-to-play but not pay to win, so players can spend money on cosmetics that have no advantages but making them look nifty. Join the Discord for more Bomb Bots Community news.

Fredrick Otto Jr,
Editor, NoobFeed

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