A complete guide to the game, as well as helpful tips for future novice players to help in development.

WoW Game Brief 

World Of Warcraft is a well-known Massively Multiplayer Online RPG from Blizzard Entertainment. The game takes place after the end of Warcraft 3 and takes place in the world of Warcraft.

The game has interesting mechanics - players have access to a huge class of characters, and you can also choose a character's race. In the game, you can explore the world, create and join communities - guilds, as well as oppose each other in a special PvP mode. Beautiful skins - things of characters you can get by buying them for "honor points".

How to play for beginners?

In recent years, World of Warcraft has gained significant changes, allowing players to plunge into a world of endless possibilities:

There are two factions in WoW, 13 races, and 12 classes.

Convenient game mechanics - the player has the ability to upgrade his character within one location, thereby improving his abilities, and skills and studying the plot of the game. After successfully leveling the character, you can move to another location.

A player who has never played WoW may have difficulty learning the game. On average, learning the map and rules of the WoW world takes a beginner about 200 hours.

Another plus is that beginners can complete a full training course, where they will acquaint themselves with the world, game mechanics, characters, interface capabilities, and many other "goodies" of the game.

Another important element of the game is communication. After all, the main advantage of online games is interaction with other players and friends. There are several ways to communicate:

In-game - sending messages in the game menu.

Discord and other third-party resources. With the help of such resources, you can make group calls. This type of communication contributes to better coordination of their actions and, as a result, a better game.

Guilds. The main advantage of joining a community (guild) is helpful in difficult tasks.

Pros of boosting

Also worth mentioning is an important component of WoW - boosting. For more than 13 years, players around the world have constantly been fighting for Azeroth while changing characters and making new enemies. As you progress through the game, everyone is faced with the difficulties of getting a farm, various achievements, as well as increasing reputation. It is very difficult for many to pump, but in this case, do not despair because there are special resources for WoW boosting, with which you can significantly increase many game indicators and get the desired achievements in a short time.

- Saving player time.
- Improving account performance in no time.
- The professionalism of the "boosters" and their ability to upgrade the account even in the most difficult and neglected cases.
- Complete confidentiality.

This is just a small list of tips and amazing features of a great game. Despite its "antiquity" WoW will delight its fans for many years to come.


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