How To Improve at Mario Kart 8

By SnowWhite, Posted 21 Oct 2022

Mario Kart 8 is one of the best Nintendo games that gives you hours of fun. Whether you’re playing online or against your friends, it can get competitive super fast.

It's one of few racing games where you can go from first to last in a blink of an eye, but there are things you can do to stay in the lead and win.

When you are at the back of the field, you will get much better items that you can take advantage of. On the other hand, if you’re leading the race, you’ll receive basic items like bananas or green turtles, which you have to use to play defensively.

We have a section about Mario Kart 8 here at NoobFeed to learn more. It’s no doubt that it is a frantic racing game and tremendously fun, yet the key to the game is speed, not getting items.


To help you race faster, we have given you tips, so you’ll beat all your friends.

Pick the Right Car

The characters in Mario Kart are all iconic ones from Mario World. Nowadays, the popularity of Mario is ubiquitous and is used in many things. Before you start a race, you must pick your vehicle. You have the choice of which character you can use, as well as whether you opt for a kart or a bike. If you decide to pick a small character like Toad, the car will be faster but weaker in duals. Yet, if you pick a large character like Bowser, speed will be compromised, but you will be a lot stronger on the track.


Just like in car racing, the corners are the key to becoming fast. Therefore, in Mario Kart, you need to take advantage of drifting.

When you enter a corner, make sure to drift early and it's vital to hold it as long as possible. This way you get a power boost and gain the upper hand against your opponents.

Power Boost

In Mario Kart, there are plenty of jumps to gain an edge over your opponent. The key is to press the boost button just as you are leaving the jump. This way, you will get a little boost, which can be super important, as it can give you the edge to win the race.

The other way you're able to get a boost is by slipstreaming the other cars. All you need to do is place your kart just behind another kart, hold it for a few seconds, and boom, you’ll get a boost.


Knowing your shortcuts is pivotal in Nintendo Mario Kart. Check them online for each track as some give you a substantial advantage.

Nevertheless, remember that some shortcuts require a star or a mushroom, so always be vigilant or you will lose time if you get the shortcut wrong.

Collect Coins

When you’re racing on the track, coins are available to be scooped up. Often, they are placed on the apex of the track, so the better you race, the more coins you’ll collect.

When you acquire ten coins, your speed will increase by 10%. So don’t disregard the importance of coins, as maintaining ten coins will give you the edge in the last lap.

Maintain the Lead

If you have started well, just focus on getting around the track as fast as you can. As the leader, your mindset is different because it's defensive rather than offensive.

Certain items are more beneficial when you’re leading. For example, always keep the Super Horn, because it’s the only defensive item that will protect you against that dreaded blue turtle. Also, when you have an item do not waste it, as when you lead, you will need to use it to defend yourself.

There you have it, follow these tips and you will start improving at Mario Kart 8, and who knows? Start winning. It just takes practice and hard work, and you’ll surprise all your friends!


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