Top 5 Fun Video Games Glitches

By SnowWhite, Posted 25 Jan 2023

The carefully constructed illusion of a game's inner workings—a hodgepodge of numbers and strings—can fall apart at any moment. It's a known fact that no matter how carefully a game is designed, there will always be some issues, and in that context, most video games include glitches and other unwanted attributes. A strange glitch can make a significant impact, to the point that it obscures the game mechanisms that were meant to be used. Because of the complexity of the events that are attempted to be simulated in video games, occasionally, the player may experience glitches. Players often go to great lengths to avoid these glitches since they may completely ruin their experience.

However, we also encounter a few glitches that make us laugh, which is always good. In most cases, there is nothing to worry about the game's progression being corrupted due to these humorous glitches. And when there are such glitches in any AAA game, we often talk about it for months through tweets or memes. I've compiled such five glitches that were particularly amusing.

5. Tyr's Dead Body Trapped in a Closed Door in God of War Ragnarök

Initially, someone at Reddit pointed out this funny glitch, and later on, many players confirmed that God of War Ragnarök had a strange and humorous glitch that led a well-known character to get trapped in a door. When examined more closely, Tyr's body seems absorbed by the wall beside the entrance, leaving him suspended in midair. Most God of War: Ragnarök players considered the glitch hilarious, and so did we.

God of War: Ragnarök, Tyr, Glitch

Furthermore, an image from inside the game demonstrating the amusing glitches was shared on Reddit. Looking attentively, we can see Kratos and Tyr near Sindri's front door. They tried to unlock the door to the home, but Tyr was quicker than Kratos to act. As a result of the glitch, Tyr is suspended in midair a few feet from the ground and cannot exit the entrance.

4. Elden Ring Allows You to Ride Torrent Into The Air

Flying in the air on horseback is possible thanks to the funniest Elden Ring glitch, although doing so is tricky. We know of just a handful of places where this glitch manifests itself. When you reach the correct spot near the Volcano Manor, you must saddle your horse and ride upward with the death barrier just below you. In the last moments, before you fall to your death, you must ruthlessly abandon Torrent by repeatedly pressing the L3 button and leaping to the closest ledge.

Elden Ring, Torrent, Glitch

After that, immediately summon Torrent again. You'll need a Flask of Crimson Tears, and Torrent won't appear immediately, but if you time it, you may call upon your trusty mount again and leap from the ridge. If the glitch allows, you may avoid falling to your death and soar over the map like the faithful Elden Lord.

3. Acrobatic Horse-Parking in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Even if the overall quality of The Witcher 3 is high, the enormous open environment of the game's northern hemisphere inevitably leads to inevitable hiccups. Despite CD Projekt RED's best efforts over the last seven years since the game's first release, several issues persist. Most of these are funny, but the one with hose parking is humorous. 

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Horse, Glitch

Geralt's constant traveling must be tough on the horse. This glitch depicts the horse's method of resting as it falls on its head. This indicates that this is fine for Geralt. Instead, the glitch was trying to suggest that Geralt had placed his horse on the precipice on purpose. It's hard to hold it against him; he does battle a wide variety of creatures, some of which may be more pressing than making sure he parks his horse correctly.

2. Sims Keep on Failing The Sims 4 University Courses.

Regarding video game glitches, The Sims has some of the best and worst. Occasionally, Sims may become trapped holding comically immovable things while doing activities, and sometimes, the setup for graphics or even the 3D characters can break in frightening ways.

The Sims 4, University, Glitch

The Sims 4's Discover University add-on allows players to engage their virtual selves in higher education and explore the campus environment. If a player's Sims fails their courses while meeting all the prerequisites to pass, it may significantly impact the game's simulation of university life. Due to this glitch, players' time and effort in having their Sims attend class, perform their assignments, take notes, and level up in that subject may be for nothing. Their Sims can't get their degrees and get into the occupations they want because of this. Even though this glitch is annoying at the same time, it's funny because, well, it's a Sims glitch.

1. One Tough Crazy Cyberpunk 2077 Shop Owner

Cyberpunk 2077 and its controversy will go down in history as one of the worst gaming failures. The game was expected to be out in April 2020, but it came out in December of that year, and disappointed players were eager to rip it to shreds for its many glitches. Given the game's instability, Sony decided to remove it from the PlayStation Store until halfway through 2021.

Cyberpunk 2077, Shop, Glitch

Among the many glitches, there's one hilarious one where V clears out an NCPD job, and when everyone leaves the area in panic, one shopkeeper remains still in the chaos. This shop owner character has a fantastic demonstration of a seller in action, wreaking havoc on their stand just by passing by. The merchant strolls aimlessly across the room, ignoring anything in it. As a result, everything starts to shift, tumble, and collide, creating a chaotic scene. They'd likely lose their job if they did this in the real world. Luckily for the shop owner, it's just another day in the night city of Cyberpunk 2077. This NPC obviously doesn't cause a lot of grief and isn't among the glitches to blame for Cyberpunk 2077's disastrous release.


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