Top Gaming Influencers on TikTok

By Arisu, Posted 12 Sep 2023

While the gaming world often brings platforms like YouTube and Twitch to mind, it would be a mistake to overlook the emerging creative force that is TikTok. This platform has rapidly become a hotbed for gamers wanting to share their experiences and content in a new, exciting format.

Some of them even buy real TikTok likes to not only increase their popularity and get more viewers but also to get into collaborations with popular gaming brands.

TiKTok Gaming

Let's turn our attention to some of the trailblazing gaming influencers who are carving out their niche and setting the trend on TikTok. These dynamic personalities are sure to captivate you with their unique gaming content.


British gamer KSI, real name Olajide Olatunji, is a titan in the gaming community, with his journey beginning back in 2008. He first gained notoriety through his FIFA videos on YouTube, and his career has since taken some fascinating turns. Besides gaming, KSI has stepped into the boxing ring and the recording studio, showing his versatility and wide-ranging talent.

Notably, he faced off against Jake Paul in two high-profile boxing matches in 2018 and 2019, events that attracted global attention. On TikTok, KSI's content is an entertaining mix of boxing-related videos and humorous clips of him participating in various TikTok challenges. His charismatic presence and diverse content have earned him a staggering following of 11 million fans on the platform.


Known for keeping their finger firmly on the pulse of the gaming world, Duckieggaming is a go-to source for nearly 600,000 followers eager to stay ahead of the curve with the freshest releases in gaming. They deliver insightful reviews and offer a unique lens through which to view popular games.

A significant focus of Duckieggaming’s content revolves around highlighting special features in fan favorites like Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite. Through their TikTok account, they unlock hidden gems and intricacies within these popular games, providing followers with a rich, enhanced gaming experience.


With a solid base of 5 million followers, Gamelancer channel has carved out a niche for itself as one of the leading gaming influencers on TikTok. The content portfolio, brimming with rapid-fire reviews and intriguing gameplay videos, is a testament to their in-depth understanding of the gaming universe.

Dishing out some of the most humorous and relatable gaming memes, Gamelancer has been successful in cultivating an enthusiastic community of gamers who share a fervent zeal for the world of virtual adventures.


Gamingbible is another leading voice in the TikTok gaming community. With an impressive follower count of 2.9 million, they provide a constant stream of reviews, memes, and updates on all things gaming. This includes fresh off the press news about new game releases and movies based on video games.

Gamingbible's content is both informative and entertaining, making this channel a one-stop-shop for gaming enthusiasts on TikTok. They have mastered the art of curating some of the funniest and most informative content, making them an invaluable resource for gamers worldwide.

Cinch Gaming

Cinch Gaming is making waves on TikTok, having claimed its own unique space in the gaming world. Notably, they're capturing attention with their distinctive videos that spotlight their finesse in crafting bespoke controllers. At Cinch, creativity has no bounds.

Their adept builders are always ready to take on innovative requests from their followers, resulting in controllers that are not just gaming devices, but personalized expressions of the gamers themselves. With over half a million followers, Cinch Gaming is indeed a rising star in the TikTok gaming cosmos.

Final Thoughts

Following these top gaming influencers on TikTok will leave you feeling like you have your finger on the pulse of all things gaming. From news and reviews to humorous memes and bespoke controllers, these accounts are sure to keep you entertained with each post. Be sure to follow them for an up-to-date look into the world of gaming!


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