The Council - Episode 2: Hide and Seek - Lord Mortimer's Lock

How to get in and get out of Lord Mortimer's secret room

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 May 2018

After speaking to Johann von Wöllner you’ll need to find what “the nightmare” means if you haven’t figured out the secret messages from your mother and her companion. You can speak to Piaggi in the dining room, across from the Salon, using manipulation to get the answer or head straight to Lord Mortimer’s office.

Once there you’ll see a lock behind his desk hidden behind the portrait, this is the entrance. After the cutscene toggle the foot handle at his desk in front of the chair. This is the first step. The code for the lock is 1191, however, before entering grab some berries on the right of the lock and feed the bird. Don’t feed it the chocolate or it’ll die. The berry will reveal some secrets that could be useful in a future episode.

Once inside, explore everything to gain a better understanding of Lord Mortimer and his variety of interests. Exiting is another story.

The lock has been reversed and inputting the wrong code twice will lock you in, forcing you to be rescued by Jacques Peru. Starting from left and going right set the dials to read 1911 but remember the numbers are upside down. Once done, rotate each dial 5 times exactly; the numbers should read 9499. Pull the level and you’re out.

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