Let's Predict - Marvel's Spider-Man 2

What's next in Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man series?

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Sep 2018


Marvel's Spider-Man opens strong and ends on a high note, with a massive cliffhanger. Rather than waiting years before the sequel gets released let's predict what will happen in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. If you haven't read the giant bold text above let this serve as your final warning about spoilers.

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At the end of Marvel's Spider-Man Peter defeats his mentor and friend Doctor Otto Octavius after the neutral interface causes his anger to overwhelm him. Aunt May dies from Devil's Breath, an infection developed by Oscorp and released by Otto to discredit and destroy Norman Osborn. Otto is sent to jail but not without one final look of the Doctor planing something new.

We then get to see that Miles Morale, bitten by Spider-42 that was developed by Oscorp, has granted him powers similar to Spider-Man. Peter then reveals to Miles that he's Spider-Man by performing the same wall crawling feat.

The last ending shows that Harry is indeed sick and wasn't shipped away to Europe for treatment but put into a vat so Norman can research a cure. Inside, we see globs of black goo that sling to the walls of the vat.

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Venom's Creation

Venom has multiple origin stories, the most notorious being an alien symbiote that bonds with Eddie Brock to create Venom and bonded with Spider-Man prior to Eddie. However, it seems that Insomniac is going in the way of The Amazing Spider-Man arc and making it that Venom was created by Norman as an all-cure for every genetic disorder.

We learned that Harry is infected with the same genetic disorders as his mother and Norman, who dedicated his life to finding a cure for his family, has put Harry in a coma for experimental treatment. It's likely that Venom will be the next villain and it'll be Harry that Peter must face wearing the suit.

There are a number of ways this could play out. Harry has been shown in the game and novel to be very close to Mary Jane and Peter. It's likely that the suit could cause Harry to become violent, forcing Peter to remove it and kill Harry. As we've seen at the end of Marvel's Spider-Man Insomniac has no problem killing off major characters. This could lead to the symbiote infecting another host, like Eddie Brock to create the notorious and popular villain Venom. Or it can infect Yuri, I personally would love to see that.

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Return of the Blood Spider

For those who read the novel, we learned that Spider-Man faced another powerful foe known as Blood Spider. His real name is Michael Bingham, in short, he's a runaway kid from a broken home who unknowingly volunteered as a test subject for Norman's experimental treatment that resulted in his Spider-Man powers. He was then contracted by Wilson Fisk to damage Spider-Man's reputation while he seized control. In the end, Spider-Man defeats Michael and then Wilson at the beginning of the game.

Blood Spider blames Spider-Man for what happened to his family and believes that he's the true Spider-Man. With Miles Morale now Spidey powered it's likely we might see the return of Michael who Peter might need help defeating Michael.

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Miles and Peter's Differences

Those familiar with Spider-Man know that his life as Peter Parker and Spider-Man often leads to issues, even more, problems develop for those who know his secret. Peter has shown that he's willing to teach Miles but this could lead to disagreements, especially since we've seen that Peter does not like getting those he cares about in danger. This could lead to tension between the 2 as they try to do things their own way. Even more so if my Venom theory is true, Harry loses the suit, and Miles gets infected with the symbiote.

What do you think will happen in the next Marvel's Spider-Man. Let us know in the comments below!

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