Transference - How to Get to the Garage

Make it outside to the garage

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Sep 2018

After obtaining the first crystal in Transference you're charged with getting outside to the garage. Here's how.


First, you need to purify the corrupted area. Head to the light switch by the door leading out of the kitchen and push it. Using the radio on the left of the light switch tune into 96.1, this will trigger a scene with Benjamin speaking to his father. Head back to the present using the light switch and tune the radio to the same frequency to clear the door.

Now head to the hallway to trigger the dark spirit. After it attacks the kitchen will be full of computer servers, inside the closet on the left of the refrigerator is the key. Use it to unlock the door, head down, and use the radio inside Ben's shack.

Head back up to the kitchen, switch the light switch, go back outside, and on the left of the stairs is the garage door.

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