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Knight here to bring you the next installment of Top Videos of the Week!

By RON, Posted 02 Apr 2011

Note: Due to the use of the "crude" commentary in these videos I added a NSFW.

Hello NoobFeed users, Knight here to bring you the next installment of Top Videos of the Week! NoobFeed has partnered with YouTube user mcsportzhawk, He has some interesting Videos here. He has both Xbox and Ps3 he’ll appeal to both sides of our major gaming spectrum, and he also has some videos about video editing. He’s entreating and educational!

Our first video is a part one video in an attempt to break the world record of zombie killing. This video leads up to level 30 with the current record being 110. Its only part one so who knows how far out friend here will go.

Here we have a an interesting new series by a user named Battlefrointer, normally the Top Videos of the week (ToVW) here revolve around a sole user but we felt a special little soft spot in our hearts for this user. It’s a CoD killing mayhem and lovely murder… it’s as interesting as all of you think… Can anyone say BOOM, head shot? I sure as hell can’t!

On a special side note, I’d like to mention one of our favorite partners MrsBlackOps. She's lethal, insane, and pretty darned good, here's a lovely little clip of her's... where she blows many heads off... with her gun... >.> sometimes I wonder why I still have a job here.

Well that’s all I have for this week. knight signing off.

Ricardo Carvalho, NoobFeed

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