Resident Evil 2 2019 - Final Boss Guide for Leon's Campaign

Defeat the mutated Tyrant

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Jan 2019

While Leon and Claire fight mostly the same bosses in Resident Evil 2 2019 their final boss differs completely. Leon will face off against a mutated Tyrant, here's how to defeat it.

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The Tyrant has 3 major attacks: multiple swipes, a leaping ground pound, and a one-hit kill. The first 2 attacks can be avoided by running but the third can only be avoided by shooting the Tyrant's exposed heart to stun it, the magnum is the best choice here.

The fight is more about survival than attacking. The Tyrant will pursue Leon in the small arena while rocks drop onto the lift. During 1/3 of the fight, 2 blocks will drop, these can be used to make distance between you and the Tyrant or block his instant kill attack. However, it works both ways and the Tyrant can fling pieces of the rock at you. At the end of the fight, half the lift will be cut off by the rocks, survive long enough for Ada to drop a rocket launcher. Use it to kill the Tyrant.

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