Resident Evil 2 2019 - The 4th Survivor Survival Guide

Survive HUNK's campaign

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Jan 2019

After earning A or above rank in both Path A and completing 2nd Run as either Leon or Claire with an A or above rating you'll gain access to HUNK's campaign called The 4th Survivor. Here are tips on completing the difficult adventure.

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First off, there are no supplies. What you have in HUNK's inventory is all you get. The adventure is about 10-15 minutes long and has you facing every enemy within the game with the exception of bosses. The key here is running and dodging, with fighting serving as a final resort. The key is to keep as many grenades and knives for the final push since the game will throw everything at you.

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The campaign begins with HUNK moving through the sewers and heading up to the parking lot.  Use your shotgun sparingly and do not use the magnum. The handgun is optimal for headshots to stun zombies and if you use the shotgun, aim for the body. This will make zombies fall to the ground or stun them long enough to run. Always choose to run and evade above all.

After the train car, you'll head up to the control room. Don't waste your ammo on the dogs, head right, down, then left over the sewer water. You cannot avoid the zombie guarding the bridge, shoot or knock down using your shotgun. Serpentine to avoid the dogs and zombie on the bridge.

Head down and when you reach the first valve door, use your shotgun to clear a path. Bolt down and up the stairs till you hit the water again. You're going to have to take a hit because evading these enemies is nearly impossible. Dart to the right as the left one charges forward and equip a knife if possible. After getting free, run and avoid your now mutated allies and take the first door on the right.

Head up the elevator and try your best to avoid the horde. Take the right side and charge the middle as the zombies come up at different rates. When heading down towards the generators, kill or avoid the Licker. It's up to you but I recommend using the magnum to make short work of it. Next, just run all the way past the zombies and head to the next section.

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Parking Lot

This part is short but can be vexing since all the zombies rise at once. Use a flash grenade if you want an easier time or head right, using the shotgun to disable any horde. When you enter the door there will be a fallen zombie and a licker above. Run past the zombie and shoot the Licker to prevent it from grabbing you from the ceiling.

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The home stretch and long journey into Hell. When you head upstairs, above to pass the steel barricade that the office lost his other half you'll encounter the Tyrant. You have 3 options: run past, shoot in the head using a magnum or have it knock you to the ground so you can evade his punch.

Cut through the office that had the chained lock and goes into the main hall. Take the path on the left side past the main desk and shoot the zombie on the right next to the office door or it'll grab you. Now it's time to head to the showers and you'll be dealing with heavy resistance.

Run past the Lickers and go to the second floor, where you'll see a horde and a Tyrant. Use a flash grenade and run past. In the room where you first encounter the Licker in Path A will be littered with the Planet Infected. Using your submachine gun do your best to stun them by shooting the exposed pods on their skin and run past.

Things won't get easier as the Unicorn statue room will have the horde bursting through. Wait and use your USP or shotgun to clear a path and head into the main hall from the Library. Avoid the zombie and dog and go to the visitor's room. Another horde will bash the door open, use your shotgun or USP to clear away and dart left and up to the balcony. Avoid the Licker and the BOW guarding the ladder downstairs. You'll encounter another Licker and more zombies, you're most likely going to get hit here or you can stun the Licker using the magnum and running towards the door.

The final area is the hardest, with every enemy except the Tyrant and dogs guarding the final push. Use grenades, flash bangs, and knives to burst through; that's all you can do. Head down and use your shotgun to make corpses of the zombies before heading outside the final gate.

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