Rage 2 Nightmare Mode Tips

How to survive Nightmare mode in Rage 2

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 May 2019

Rage 2 may lack in narrative content but the overwhelming amount of optional objectives will leave you spinning. If you're like me and enjoy taking on the hardest difficulties in games you're going to die a lot, especially in Rage 2. But we have some tips that will make the journey into hell much easier.

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1. Wellsprings's Doctor

Each of the various trading posts in Rage 2 has their own selection of items that will help the player. However, only Wellspring has access to the Cyborg Doctor. This physician provides unique upgrades to your health, overdrive, and damage across all weapons. His shop is located on the right side of town from the entrance. Since everything in Rage 2, with the exception of a few bases, are available to the player in the beginning. It's probably best to head here.

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2. Mangoo's Shop

Located in the Dune Sea this shop doesn't stay in one place. Mangoo offers the best items in the game but doesn't buy anything. Make sure you have plenty of money before trying to find him. He wanders the environment but has a distinct looking shop. It has 3 balloons and 3 windmills, it's impossible to miss.

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3. Do the Optional Missions

Everything in Rage 2 is open to the player. Use this to your advantage and start completing missions. The reason being that Ark's are mostly optional and house the abilities and weapons you'll need for later missions in the game. Last you want is to be underprepared when you face General Cross.

Those are my tips for Rage 2. If you have helpful information, share them in the comments below and help your fellow wastelanders.

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