7th Layer Podcast Episode 3

The 7th Layer returns this week battling Illness and distance.

By Cian, Posted 25 May 2011

Hello everybody!

The 7th Layer returns this week battling Illness and distance.

In this episode they guys discuss Upcoming releases PSN - could it be back online already or is there still problems? The could be Game of the year Modern warfare 3 - and the newest  zombie game Dead Island and more.

And this week are joined by a very special guest.

As always comments and Questions are always welcome.

Till next time,

Cian and Dan

or click the image below to download it.

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  • avatar Dan

    i Listened to it afterwards. theres a lot of Clipping. I still havent quite figured out how far from the mike i can be. and cian's level via skype sounded good in test. just needs to be lower. My bad

    Posted May 26, 2011

  • Hey guys, again loved the podcast.  Enjoyed that you talked about current events and music in addition to all the info on games. Yes Dan, your levels were a bit low and Cian's a bit high but it was only the 3rd try so a bit of tuning is to be expected. It, however, didn't take anything away from the show. Hopefully Cian will be able to stick around for the entire show next time. :) Also, thanks for answering my questions, much appreciation.

    Posted Jun 09, 2011

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