Top 5 Best Games at E3 2019

What were the best games at E3 2019?

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Jun 2019

E3 2019 was last week and with so many announcements and games, it's hard to choose just 1 as the best. So instead we are choosing 5. Here are the top 5 games at E3 2019!

Journey to the Savage Planet,Typoon Games,NoobFeed,

5. Journey to the Savage Planet

There were so many games at E3 2019 but some didn't get the attention they deserved, Journey to the Savage Planet was one of those games. I can into this title expecting a No Man's Sky experience, I was wrong. It started off like that as I explored a new world teeming alien life but the game started to become its own experience.

Boss fights, a semi-open world, and an objective to complete kept me moving forward. Obtain a grappling hook, gather resources, and completing puzzles all had a specific goal in mind of scanning the planet to ensure it's safe for human settlement. What really sold the experience was the witty and often dark humor, which constantly kept in tone with the overall cartoonish art style. With so many games coming out don't let this one slip through the cracks. 

Dragon Ball Z,Kakarot,NoobFeed,Bandai Namco,

4. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Goku's journey to becoming the best warrior he can has been developed into other video games, but not like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Capturing that intense combat found in the anime and manga is not easy but Bandai Namco decided to take that as a challenge. Translating those same incredible abilities and giving them to the player to control.

The demo I explored at E3 2019 gave a small taste of what we can expect. With Goku interacting with character's that were absent in the Z series but played a profound role in the legendary warrior's life. And allowing the ability to face Raditz, the first big battle in Goku's adult life. It was intense and challenging, the exact thing fans of Dragon Ball love about this series.

Watch Dogs Legion,NoobFeed,Ubisoft,

3. Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs 2 had you attempting to get as many people to join DeadSec's application and support for the organization. So what does Ubisoft decided to do with the sequel, make those users the main characters for the third game. In Watch Dogs Legion, there is no main character and everyone can be recruited to serve DeadSec.

Set in Britain, the pound has no value, cryptocurrency is now the standard currency, and those in power use surveillance to create a virtual prison. DeadSec isn't going to allow this, with you as the player able to recruit anyone to your cause, play them, and use their abilities to remove those in power. It's an insane concept but somehow Ubisoft made it happen. With each NPC having access to different abilities and strengths and with a permanent death system losing them means they're gone forever.

Dying Light 2,NoobFeed,Techland,

2. Dying Light 2

Zombie games usually have a straight forward story, a virus kills or mutants a large amount of the population, people try to survive, and someone finds out there may be a cure. This is not to say that this concept can't be used in effective ways, look at The Last of Us. Dying Light 2 is attempting to accomplish the same thing, but offering a layered story where your actions directly impact everything, from who lives and dies to how your story will end up.

To give context to how layered this narrative is the presentation I was shown had only 1 mission. But during that mission, I saw 3 major choices presented to the player that alter the story in different ways. Not the mission itself, the entire story! This included whether a specific close friend would live or die, sneaking into a military fort, and finally choosing to abandon your original goals. All while traveling through detail and intricate environments teeming with infected and hostile humans.

Dying Light 2 is attempting to be more than a simple zombie game, it looks to tell an enriching narrative experience. A story so complex that you'll need to play through the game multiple times to see everything. As the developers stated will not show mercy, once a decision is made you cannot revise that choice.

Cyberpunk 2077,NoobFeed,CD Projekt RED,

1. Cyberpunk 2077

Most will have to wait till PAX South to see the presentation shown at E3 2019 but those who witness this outstanding look at CD Projekt RED's next masterpiece were floored; I was one of them. The hour seemed to go by so fast, as the developers showcased equals parts combat, narrative, and world-building in this short presentation.

Overwhelming with details and options to the player, it's hard to believe that this is even a video game. V is given ample ways to customize themselves from cosmetic appearance, to a specific background and different skills. The world itself is just jawdropping, with various locations each hosting various inhabitants and a lengthly backstory of how they what they are now.

It's hard not to make comparisons to Deus Ex, especially when it comes to approaching missions from different angles. But in this day and age, it's hard not to compare new games to older titles. Regardless, Cyberpunk 2077 looks like it'll become another title that gamers will dedicate years to playing. After all, people are still playing and discovering new things in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Can't imagine what we'll find when Cyberpunk 2077 finally launches next year.

What were your favorite announcements at E3 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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