Top 5 Game Franchises that Deserve a New Entry

What games deserve a new game in the series

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Jul 2019

Establishing a new video game franchise is not easy. You can to create lore, develop strong characters, and continuously craft gameplay that keeps players engaged throughout the series. But some games franchises go dormant, either because their developers or publishers have moved on or simply get canceled.  Some games shouldn't remain in the dark, some deserve a new installment. Here are 5 games franchises that deserve a new entry.

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5. Resistance

Resistance 3 ended the core series on a high note. Providing a diverse array of locations, boss encounters, and a somewhat conclusive ending where humanity successfully repels the Chimera. While Sony did try to keep the series alive after Insomniac Games decided to leave the franchise behind with Resistance: Buring Skies the PS Vita title was poorly received by fans and critics.

This doesn't mean the series doesn't need a new entry. Many questions still remained, like the origins of the Pure Chimera, the fate of James Grayson from Resistance: Retribution, or the enemy the Chimera were facing.

The series has a lot of potentials to continue and with Sony doubling down on exclusives for their PlayStation brand, why not investing into a sequel for Resistance 3? Judging from the ending, it's unlikely the Chimera will just give up taking Earth from humanity and that's a great way to start Resistance 4. With the Chimera now desperate than ever to take Earth back.

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4. Mass Effect Andromeda 

Let's be blunt, Mass Effect: Andromeda was littered with troublesome issues when it launched. This due to the poor management of the project as uncovered by Jason Schrier's article The Story Behind Mass Effect: Andromeda's Troubled Five-Year Development.

The game's finished state was not only oversaturated with animation issues and game breaking bugs but the game itself was not up to the quality held by the Mass Effect franchise. Each game in the core trilogy is still heralded as a masterpiece within the RPG and science-fiction genre but that doesn't mean Andromeda should be left unfinished.

Players who completed the story were left with a series of questions, some of which answered in a tie-in novel, but most still left up in the air. This includes the fate of the Jardaan, what the Scourge is, and why the Jardaan created the Angara. BioWare needs a win after Anthem's flop and why not continue the story that was started with Mass Effect: Andromeda?

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3. Prince of Persia 2008

Prince of Persia was one of Ubisoft's biggest franchises, but now its gone silent. The last major installment was the reboot featuring a new protagonist and setting. Unfortunately, the game ended with a massive cliffhanger and instead of making a new installment Ubisoft released a movie tie-in game called Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands based on the Prince of Persia film. As you might expect, gamers were not happy.

The 2008 reboot wasn't the best game in the series, focusing more on action instead of platforming puzzles and being way too easy but it had its positives. The art style was beautiful and the story was promising. With players joining with an ally named Elika in an attempt to defeat an evil deity named Ahriman who has been freed from its prison.

The Prince and Elika went to various parts of the land, cleansing the environment of the corruption before sealing Ahriman away. Unfortunately, unknown to the Prince Elika's father saved his daughter by imbuing her with the power of the god of light Ormazd that was used to imprison Ahriman. By returning the power Elika dies and Ahriman is imprisoned. The Prince, like Elika's father, decides to free Ahriman and return the power to Elika to her disapproval and leaves him in the optional DLC campaign "Epilogue" to find her people.

A spinoff title was released on the DS but it was not a proper sequel. Despite moving 2.2 million units in 2009 this series has gone dark but deserves another chance. After the stale movie game, it's time for the Prince to return with a new game, and what better way then continue the story that was left unfinished.

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2. Mega Man Legends

Perhaps one of the biggest disappoints to come from Capcom was the reveal and cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. After a decade stuck on Elysium, Mega Man Volnutt remains trapped on the space station with no hope of recovery.

While the Mega Man Legends series never reached the same acclaim as the other spinoff franchises like Mega Man X or Battle Network, the action-adventure titles still have a strong fanbase. Legends focused more on characters, story, and dungeon exploring instead of a mass boss gauntlet. This shift along with a lot of mysteries involving Mega Man's history led gamers hunting down clues about the world the game is set into. Now, all those questions about Roll's father, Mega Man's life with The Master, and even if Tron Bonne will admit her feelings about Volnutt will go unanswered. With Capcom stating "Capcom is Back" perhaps they can finally give Mega Man Volnutt a conclusion to his legend.

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1. Dead Space

Another EA published title that is doomed to go unfinished. The Dead Space franchise remains one of the best survival-horror games one can experience. With the series hitting an all-time high with Dead Space 2 before crashing down with Dead Space 3. 

It was revealed that the marketing budget for Dead Space 2 was about $120 million and despite selling 4 million units, it was not enough. Dead Space 3 needed to sell 5 million units to continue the series but didn't even breach 1 million in its opening week. The series was shelved, Visceral Games later closed, and the series now lies in dead space.

This is an incredible shame since the series is still widely acclaimed and ended on a massive cliffhanger. With Isaac and newcomer Craver finally returning to Earth only to find the planet under siege by Brethren Moons who've located Earth thanks to the Marker signals. Thanks to Eurogamer, information has surfaced that plans for Dead Space 4 had players venturing through various derelict ships in search of supplies introducing plot points as you came across specific ships. With the player finally finding out the truth of how humans and Necromorphs were connected. But creative director Ben Wanat did warn that players may not like the answer, not in terms of context but that a greater threat could have been revealed.

Hopefully, one day we'll finally see the end of Dead Space. If not, maybe Capcom could purchase the rights and finish the series. They're already known for creating the best survival-horror games of all time and yes, I'm grasping at straws. I just want to see the series have a conclusion!

What game franchises would you like to see a new installment of? Let us know in the comments below!

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