Interview: Danica Rockwood

We talked to Danica Rockwood about her passion for video games, cosplay and modeling.

By Woozie, Posted 04 Aug 2019

Happy Friendship Day! We talked to a very unique guest this week, Danica Rockwood. For years she has been among the most popular video game cosplayers among the world, and only recently, we had this great chance to talk to her. Danica is specialized in modeling and cosplaying mostly on video games. She has done some amazing cosplays from Metal Gear Solid, BioWare and many other games.  Interviewing Danica was an amazing experience, and I hope you all will enjoy the interview.

Danica Rockwood, Interview, Cosplayer, Streamer, Girl Gamer, Gaming Model, Female Spiderman, Red Venom

Ron: For anyone who isn't familiar with you, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Danica Rockwood: My name is Danica Rockwood, I am a part-time Twitch Partner, full-time cosplayer. My costumes focus mainly on video games, but I do venture outside of that realm on occasion. I am owned by a Welsh Pembroke corgi names Cheza and I do whatever she tells me to. 

Ron: How did you get into cosplay? Did you find it difficult to start cosplaying and gaining such a large number of fans? Is it difficult to pursue cosplay as a career?

Danica Rockwood: I got into cosplay by my boyfriend, he was already cosplaying before we met, and I had no idea what it even was. I’ve never even been to a convention, let alone make my own costume, I actually failed the sewing portion of Home Economics. I never found it “Difficult” to get into cosplay, I found it as a fun challenge and a way to channel a creative outlet I’ve never tapped into before. I’ve always been on the artistic spectrum more than the academic side, this was a way I could really channel out something I was pretty ok at (at the time, I got better later on). I’m lucky, I didn’t really go into cosplay for a fandom. I went in for fun, and that’s the way it should be. A few staff members at BioWare looked at my cosplay pics and asked if they could post them online, and suggested I make a Cosplay page, it grew from there. I’m so, so, so lucky. 

Ron: Unfortunately, sexism is still present in our world. How has your experience been so far on Twitch and other video/streaming sites?

Danica Rockwood: Sadly, it is. I was raised mostly by men. I’ve always been tomboyish and ran around in the dirt with paintball guns. I have a really thick skin; I say what’s on my mind to try to prevent situations from escalating further. That being said, I have never felt truly upset by the way I’m treated as a woman on Twitch or any streaming site. I find a way to work around the ridiculousness of the comments I get for example “You’d have more viewers if you had your boobs out.” I’d usually reply with “Yeah? And you probably wouldn’t. “ . No one ever expects a woman to really say something like that. I like saying stuff back to trolls that catches them off guard. 

Danica Rockwood, Interview, Cosplayer, Streamer, Girl Gamer, Gaming Model, Tomb Raider, Lara Croft

Ron: Do you believe that in the near future publishers will start using cosplayers more to promote their games?

Danica Rockwood: Many gaming companies and publishing companies already do. I have been involved in two projects that helped market a few video games to bring more traction to their release dates.

Ron: Were you discovered in the model industry or did you pursue it yourself?

Danica Rockwood: When I was a child my mom kind of forced me into some modeling, dance, gymnastics, and I also was into theater of my own doing. I was never discovered, and to be honest, I hated the modeling stuff. I pursued it on my own terms after cosplay when I learned that it makes for great filler content whilst creating bigger costume projects. 

Ron: Did cosplay find you before modelling or was it the other way around?

Danica Rockwood: As stated in the first, and last question. haha! Pretty much thrown into modeling, quit, and then thrown back into modeling again after cosplay. 

Ron: As a model, do you think that´s helped you with cosplay?

Danica Rockwood: Absolutely! I have really good muscle memory with what my pose should be, what expression to make, and the right angles that work with my body type. I think the coolest thing about modeling in a studio setting with mirrors everywhere, as well as seeing yourself back on video, is learning what you look like from the camera len’s point of view. Whenever I go out to a location shoot and I don’t have a mirror there, I can pretty much visualize how my pose will look even before I see the back of the camera. I was also a photographer before I ever got into Cosplay. Which makes me a bit of a stickler when it comes to shooting with other photographers, and yet it helps me communicate exactly what I’m wanting out of my cosplay photos. Both photographer and I can direct our pics and get what we want. 

Danica Rockwood, Interview, Cosplayer, Streamer, Girl Gamer, Gaming Model, Banner Saga

Ron: Who is your role model and why?

Danica Rockwood: Dita Von Tease is a strong influence on me for Cosplay. I dabbled in Burlesque for a while and she was always such a classy woman. She doesn’t shame sex workers, she straight up embraces the backlash “stripper” comments people give her about burlesque, her costumes are to DIE for, she’s always down to earth and honest in her interviews. Even if she’s always got designer bags and shoes, there’s something that’s so modest about the way she’ll address it. Dita never brags, but she’s also really proud of her accomplishments. I love that she has made her own brand of clothing for all types of women because she believes that everyone should feel sexy, empowered, and invigorated no matter their size. What’s not to like? 

Ron: You even have your own cosplay shop full of merchandise?

Danica Rockwood: I do have a StoreEnvy where people can buy autographed prints! I do also have a Patreon that’s probably a better deal, for less money they get way more varied content like videos, private Discord/ chat servers, signed prints, tutorials, and more! 

Ron: Anything for your fans at NoobFeed?

Danica Rockwood: If you’re reading this article, I want you to go drink a glass of water right now.  Mild dehydration can affect your ability to think clearly, makes you physically exhausted, and 75% of people are dehydrated and just don’t realize it. Half the time people mistake being dehydrated as your body telling you that you actually need some water. Trust me. Drink that water. 

Danica Rockwood, Interview, Cosplayer, Streamer, Girl Gamer, Gaming Model, Witcher

A big thanks to Danica for taking the time to talk with us. We look forward to hearing about your upcoming projects and wish you continued success! Keep up with Danica on Twitter!

Sarwar Ron, NoobFeed

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