Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2020

What games to look forward too this 2020

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Dec 2019

There are only a few weeks left of 2019 and with the new year comes a whole new list of new video games. Titles that gamers have been waiting for years. Here are our top 5 more anticipated games of 2020.

The Last of Us 2,Part 2,NoobFeed,Naughty Dog,The Last of Us Part 2,

5. The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us was one of the last major releases on the PS3 before the PS4 released so it seems fitting that the next game would release the same year as the PS5. Following years after the events of the first game, Ellie takes charge as the protagonist as she hunts down a new group of survivors. As of now Naughty Dog has been closed-lip about the game's narrative but we've been told of 4 new characters and an impressive new enemy AI that rivals Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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4. Dying Light 2

Taking notes from the previous game's successes Techland has double down on the narrative. Providing multiple avenues of which the player can take the story. We were shown a preview of what players can expect at E3 2019, offering multiple ways you can complete a mission.

Focusing on the modern "Dark Ages" players will have to deal with constant shifts in power. With the narrative prompting players to care about the NPCs during the adventure while the infected pressure the player to make tough choices. And the infected have been evolving, with more powerful versions of infected like the Viral.

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3. Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs 2 redeemed the series. Offering a much more interesting story that deals with the modern age and how technology is being used for invading people's privacy, suppressing knowledge, and destroying low-income families. Watch Dogs Legions decides to step it up, giving players an entire legion at their control. An army who is always by your side but if killed they're gone forever. Fight for the people using the same people you're fighting for.

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2. Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1

Since the PS3 tech demo players have been asking about a remake for Final Fantasy VII. And now it's almost here, well part 1 is almost here. Considered one of the best RPGs ever made Final Fantasy VII Remake will deliver more than just a simple retelling of this iconic tale. Square Enix has confirmed new characters and changes to the story that were not possible in the original due to technological limits. Returning to Midgar has never been so exciting.

Cyberpunk 2077,NoobFeed,CD Projekt RED,

1. Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED carries one of the most highly regarded reputations in gaming. Their consumer-friendly practices are notorious among the industry and since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gamers have been lusting for this studio's next project Cyberpunk 2077. 

This incredible game has had fans excited for years with incredible trailers that showcase the game's beautiful open world and dynamic situations. V can develop and change the course of his or her's journey and alter himself in dozens of ways. Providing ample opportunities and options with no right or wrong way. And we have much more to come with a multiplayer option being added later on. Get ready to say goodbye to the Sun, you won't be seeing it for a while once you start this game.

Cyberpunk 2077 may become one of the best games this generation. Guess The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has some competition.

What games are you looking forward to this 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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