Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat the Arsenal

Defeat another Shinra War Bot

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Apr 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake's final moments is a series of difficult boss fights and the Arsenal is 1 of those fights. Instead of fighting this thing on an elevator like in the original, you'll get an entire room to square off against the warbot. With this version of The Arsenal being much more dangerous.

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Before the fight begins make sure to have Thunder material equipped as the machine is weak to electrical damage. Also have Pray and MP Up material equipped for both Aerith and Barret, you're going to need it. Red XIII will join you in the fight but he'll act on his own accord.

The fight starts off with The Arsenal having 3 barrier drones protect it. These are your targets and fortunately, you have Aerith and Barret able to target these drones easily. During the fight, The Arsenal will use a powerful blast that Barret can target and should target. You can avoid the blast using the debris but you only have 2 barriers and hitting the weak point will cause major damage. Occasionally the machine will throw EMP mines and homing lasers but these are easy to avoid. Constantly switch between Aerith and Barret as The Arsenal will only target the active player, making it easier to get behind the machine and hit the barrier drone behind it.

After drones are destroyed The Arsenal will start charging around the field and using its main guns more often. Dodge the first charge and use the environment to block the gunfire. Use Thunder Magic and Barret's Maximum Overdrive to inflict maximum damage. You can cripple the wheels to prevent the machine from charging and keep it stationary if you can spare the damage.

The third phase is where things get crazy, now the machine will use a high-powered laser. As before, use the environment's debris as cover and constantly use Thunder whenever available. When it charges its laser switch from the targeted character and allow the NPC to automatically dodge the attack while you focus on offense. When it reaches 1/4 of its health call a Summon, you'll need it.

The final phase is all or nothing. After avoiding the first attack you have to take it down before the second one. Use everything! Thunder, summoning, limit breaks, anything you have throw it at the Arsenal or you're dead.

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