The Last of Us Part 2 Grounded Tips

How to survive Grounded mode in The Last of Us Part 2

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Aug 2020

The Last of Us Part II just added Grounded mode. The hardest difficulty that limits supplies to the bare minimum and makes enemies much more aware and dangerous. To ease the difficulty and earn that trophy we have some tips to aid you in this journey.

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1. Smoke Bombs Are Your Friends

On Grounded mode, these items can be the difference between you having to fight off dozens of enemies and triggering the next checkpoint. For example, during the Highcrest when encountering dogs for the first time a patrol will have the primary exit guarded. Luring them away using a bottle or brick and following up with a smoke bomb can give you the necessary time to break through the door before they can shoot you.

You'll be surprised how effective smoke bombs are at distractions while you make it to the exit. Unfortunately, Abby does not have access to these but when playing as Ellie make sure you have some ready.

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2. Find All The Safes

Supplies are limited but safes will always yield supplies. This includes bullets and raw material for crafting but be aware at the risk of obtaining these supplies. Such as Hillcrest where the safe is stashed inside an infected nest with multiple runners.

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3. Plot a Path

Enemies in Grounded are annoying, they have unrealistically high levels of awareness and sight. Sometimes they can even see through walls, not kidding it has happened to me on several occasions but they always follow a specific path. It's annoying to constantly die and retry but often the best path is the one that cuts in the middle or in areas you'll never visit. You're going to have to get out of your specific pathing confront zone when in Grounded as your previous ideal path is probably the worst one.

Another is running towards the exit. If the exit is wide open you can maximize your dodge and dart for it. This is present in Channel 13's station when you're about to be an ambush by WLF members or the final parts of Hillcrest. This saves you supplies especially during combat specific situations where stealth is impossible.

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4. Clicker Shield

If you're yet to discover this incredible technique. You can grab enemies, both runners, and humans, and use them as a distraction against charging Clickers. This not only saves ammo and time using melee strikes but will save you from the Clicker. Clickers will attack anyone thrown to them, infected or humans but be aware you cannot grab people from the front on Grounded unless you're very quick. The best tactic when being chased is to shoot someone in the leg, grab them, and put them in the face of a Clicker. 1 less enemy and the Clicker is temporarily distracted.

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5. Enemy Placement

Enemies are much more aggressive in both how they react and see the player. Bodies left in the open are huge alarms that enemies, especially from higher positions, can see. You cannot grab and hide bodies, which is a pain, so be aware of where you kill targets.

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6. Sometimes You Have to Kill

Grounded encourages stealth but there are specific situations where killing is mandatory. This includes when Abby meets Yara and Lev for the first time, the final section with the Rattlers, and when heading down the infected skyscraper. Certain enemy placements such as the Rattler at the top of the stairs and inside the supply closet means that conflict is necessary but you can regain stealth and thinning the numbers can work at your advantage.

There are plenty of situations where you can completely avoid enemies but it looks like you cannot. Such as when Abby is avoiding the WLF inside the slightly flooded warehouse. The best option is to explore the area on a lesser difficulty and make note of enemy placements. If an enemy is completely stationed at a location then you know what must be done. 

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