Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales - Ultimate Tips

How to survive the trials of Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales on Ultimate difficulty

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Nov 2020

There's no trophy for it but those seeking the Ultimate Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales challenge can try the game's hardest difficulty. Here are some tips on surviving the game's hardest option.

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Roof Knockoff

Enemies knocked off high ledges will instantly get knocked out. The best tactic for this is the Venom Jump coupled with the Venom Charge or Punch. A classic technique used by Peter is an uppercut followed by a swing cut.

Perfect Dodge Combo

Perfect dodges provide the best opportunity for counter-attacks. When fully upgraded through Peter's combat training you can deal heavy damage but if you're having trouble there's an upgrade. The Perfect Sight option increases the window for perfect dodges and if coupled with Untouchable can deal with heavy damage.

Gravity Well + Venom Smash

The best combo for crowd control is the Gravity Well plus Venom Smash. Use it to bring enemies together and send them flying in all directions. With Mile's Venom sting keeping them stunned you can focus down one of the primary foes.

Use Your Web-Shooters

Enemies close to walls or knocked to the ground can instantly be webbed up into an unbreakable prison. This can save you a lot of headaches when dealing with brutes or reducing the enemy count during a large number of attackers. Unfortunately, Miles does not have access to Peter's web bombs so you'll have to web up each target individually.

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