Top 5 Best Games of the Generation

The best games of the last generation

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Dec 2020

2020 started the new generation of gaming. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X now out it's time to look back at the last generation and see what games stood out from the rest. Delivering outstanding experiences that went beyond what was expected of them, providing more than just beautiful visuals and compelling gameplay but instead going above what is expected of this incredible medium. Here are the 5 best games of the last generation.

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5. Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 was for most the first game in the acclaimed RPG series they experienced. Released in Japan months earlier Persona 5 offered a traditional JRPG experience, a dense social experience with classic turn-based combat. Underneath the colorful visuals and anime cutscenes was a dark story that tackled mature subjects such as sexual abuse, PTSD, and other deep emotional issues. Persona 5 Royal updated the acclaimed original release with new characters and an end game that complimented the game's narrative structure. This is a long game, clocking over 70 hours, and playing it once isn't enough if you want to get the full experience of seeing how the Phantom Thieves overcome not only the challenges in the outside world but within themselves.

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4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Despite CD Projekt RED's fall from grace with the recent release of the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains celebrated in gaming. The conclusion for Geralt of Rivia's long adventure was CD Projekt RED's first attempt at an open-world experience. The game launched to a myriad of issues but eventually evolved into one of the best dark fantasy adventures available. Providing an extensive multi-layer journey as Geralt decides the fate of those close to him. Eventually leading to 1 of many conclusions that decide those close to him. Either ending the legendary monster hunter on a happy note or a dreadful one.

What made The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stand out was the content and expansions. In a gaming industry where players are constantly charged for everything ranging from gambling loot boxes to time savers releasing a game without predatory practices from a AAA publisher is a rarity. CD Projekt RED held the crown for not succumbing to what EA and Activision do to their consumers. Despite the recent negativity The Witcher 3 still remains a prime example of how games use to be and could still be.

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3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games was best known for the Killzone franchise but decide to take on a different project that proved to be more ambitious than any other title they've done. A third-person action-adventure open world set in a custom world where machines and people live together. The story of Aloy begins with her attempting to regain her place among her people only to find out that the world she knows holds more secrets than she can imagine and her birth was not a result of chance. A truly outstanding tale Horizon Zero Dawn offers a depressing take on the future of the world but at the same time, that life can continue but not without sacrifice.

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2. Half-Life Alyx

VR has been in a fickle place within gaming. Many titles have dabbled in delivering a VR experience and some titles like Resident Evil 7 have successfully delivered VR experiences but nothing truly shocking. True interaction with the virtual environment was still something VR couldn't reach but then came Half-Life Alyx.

Delivering one of the most technically advanced VR games to date. This extraordinary tale may not be Half-Life 3 but after years of waiting, Half-Life Alyx did deliver on providing a fantastic adventure and a huge return for this beloved franchise. Granted, you'll need an expensive setup to dive into the eyes of Alyx but if you can you'll find one of the most unreal gaming experiences of your life.

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1. NieR: Automata

Seems like a strange choice. On the surface NieR: Automata seems like your standard action-adventure high-pace combat title. And yes, it's an amazing action-adventure game with an elaborate combat system that encourages experimentation with various weapons and upgrades while also giving the player ample enemies with abundant variety to fight. So, how does NieR: Automata stand out from other games especially on this list? Well, it's the narrative.

NieR: Automata starts off with 2 Androids attempting to defeat machines used by aliens who conquered Earth and forced humanity to flee. But this is just a distraction from the real game. After multiple prologues, yes prologues, the real game begins as the story shifts from a generic "save the world" plot to confronting issues of identity, death, purpose, life, memories, and consciousness. It's a surreal experience that will leave an impression well after you finish playing.

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