How to Beat Maiden - Resident Evil Village Demo

How to complete the demo of Resident Evil Village

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Jan 2021

The Resident Evil Village demo is now available for PS5 owners. Called Maiden a young lady must escape the castle of the vampire ladies within. Here's how to complete the demo.

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When starting you'll find a small hole to crawl through on the right side of the cell. Use R3 to crawl through and head outside the cell. Head to the end of the hallway and investigate the panel which needs a lockpick.

Turn back and find a cell on the left side that houses another victim with the statement "Help Me Brother" written on the wall with blood. On her body is a bolt cutter. Use it to enter the left cell down the hall with a container of blood. The wrong cell has a body without its legs in it. Investigate the basket with blood and grab the lockpick.

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Head down the hall until you reach a dining area with a body inside a wine barrel with its hand sticking out. Head around the table and open the cabinet to find another tunnel. Head inside and on the right side of the tunnel when exiting it inside a small hole is brick with blood. Interact with it and go through the room and up the ladder.

Head up and there's an optional blood necklace you can grab but is not needed. Head into the main room and opposite the main door leading out is the dining room. Head inside and on the table on the right side is a wine glass. Investigate and look inside to find a ring with an eye. Grab the eye ring, examine it, and pull the eye out. Exit the room and head back upstairs but avoid the vampire lady heading upstairs, she'll disappear once she reaches the top.

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At the top of the stairs directly in front is a door, place the eye in the empty socket and grab the courtyard keys inside the cabinet, not the right side. Head out and now you'll be targeted by the vampire. You're going to get hit here but don't worry, you can take 3 hits. Take the first hit and head into the dining area and use the court key to open the door to complete the demo.

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