5 Beginner Tips for Resident Evil Village

What you should know before playing Resident Evil Village

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 May 2021

Resident Evil Village is an extensive adventure through a European hell full of deadly monsters. If you're entering this journey blind you might have a difficult time facing off against the horde. Fortunately, we're here to help and have some tips to aid in surviving.

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5. Enemy Limitations

The game will send lots of enemies to Ethan but often they will not go past a certain point or will despawn after a specific event. For example, when heading to Luiza's house after your first encounter with the Lycans if you rush to the opened door when called by Elena the Lycans in the field will disappear.

If enemies appear in an area where enemies did not exist at first likely they're event specific. You can rush past them, avoid wasting supplies and return to the area without having to fight them if needed.

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4. Check the Map

When obtaining the map for any location areas will be marked in blue or red. Red means there are items within the area and blue means all items have been collected. This does include items behind locks so exercise your best judgment when leaving an area.

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3. Focus on Damage

Reloading, capacity, and rate of fire are ideal but you want to upgrade damage above all for your weapons. Damage will not only save ammo but it'll make it easier to stun enemies when you need to escape.

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2. Check Your Treasures 

Treasures are separated into 2 categories, Valuable and Combinable. Items that are labeled as just Valuable can be sold without issue. However, items that are combinable should be kept until you find the second half. This will increase the value of the items higher than if you sold them separately.

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1. Blocking is Key

In Resident Evil 7 blocking was mainly optional unless you played on the harder difficultly, here it's necessary. Blocking minimizes damage greatly, especially if you get the cooking upgrade from the Duke. Not blocking can be severe and drop Ethan's health massively.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in saving Rose. Good luck and get your daughter back.

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