How to Defeat Moreau - Resident Evil Village

Defeat the fish man of Resident Evil Village

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 May 2021

Moreau is one of the Lords but despite him, looker weaker than the other Lords is actually one of the most powerful. This is due to his increased mutation and we have a surefire way to kill this monster.

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First off, defense is your first priority. Moreau is only vulnerable when his body is exposed. This can be triggered by shooting the surrounding barrels in the area, causing enough damage, or waiting for the body to be exposed. You want to keep your distance due to Moreau's strong physical attacks and despite his size, he's pretty fast.

He'll constantly chase Ethan so maintain your distance and shoot accordingly. Supplies are available everywhere and mines work great on stopping Moreau and stunning him.

During the second phase, Moreau will panic and start climbing on houses to produce acid rain. Find cover, the shelters with yellow tape indicate safe zones, and wait out the storm. Use this opportunity to reload all your weapons and make sure everything is in order. In addition, shoot any goop barriers created as a result of the storm or you can find yourself cornered.

Moreau will start to bloat and sprew acid during this phase. Do not be a hero here and wait for it to pass or it'll melt you. As before, this is all about defense and taking shots when possible. Mines and pipebombs are great when you have no more red barrels and if you have an exhaust of ammo shooting to stun him will work but require more damage.

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