How to Defeat Heisenberg - Resident Evil Village

How to put a stop to Heisenberg's freedom fighting plans

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 May 2021

Heisenberg is the only Lord not happy to be part of her happy family. Despite his proposal to Ethan to team up and kill Miranda the father refuses to give the metal bender Rose for his fight. Now they must fight to the death. Here's how to topple the metal overlord.

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You have a tank but this doesn't mean it'll be one-sided right, it's even. Heisenberg's weak points are indicated by bright red markers. Target these to cause major damage to Heisenberg but save your cannon for when he charges. This will stun him and allow Ethan to save health. If he gets too close remember to guard using the chainsaw.

The key is to keep your distance. If you're in trouble use the cannon to stun Heisenberg and push your tank back. However, this should be saved as a last resort. You can use the surrounding debris as cover as well to save your cannon shot. The key is to never let go of the machine gun and just keep firing, all shots that land will cause damage even if they don't hit the weak point.

The first part of the fight will end after Heisenberg topples your tank and turn the fight into a foot fight. At this point, you need to use the surrounding debris as cover when Heisenberg charges. This is a timed fight as you'll need to do enough damage to trigger Heisenberg's EMP storm before he destroys all your surrounding cover. Remain in cover when Heisenberg charges but keep up the damage, rifle shots and your magnum is the best choice here.

With enough damage, Heisenberg will use 1 final attack, at this point the fight is won. Just shoot him with your reacquired tank and the misguided freedom fighter will die.

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