Tormented Souls has multiple endings but there's a good ending that ends with Caroline and Anna getting a second chance at life. Here's how to unlock it.

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First, you need the syringe with the blue liquid. Progress through the game until you reach the "Stairs" after inserting the key card, ice medallion, and metal disc. When heading down the stairs you'll have 2 paths, one leads to the Mausoleum which is where you're supposed to go. Instead head in the other direction, it includes 1 enemy and lots of warning signs. This is the Infinite Room and once you solve it you'll get to the Passage. Kill the enemies inside and head to Bunker 3B across the room. On the desk in the back of the room is the syringe.

Now progress through the game and you'll reach Noah. Kill the enemies and grab the Cross Key. Once the stairs drop go the creature that was chasing you and inject it with the syringe. This will reveal the creature is Anna, mutated, but like her mother, the antidote turns her human but kills her. Collect the bolt cutters in the cross and defeat the final boss.

With the final boss dead, continue forward till you get to the projector room. Before you leave use the projector to head back to the experiment room where Anna was locked up. Use the bolt cutters to free her to unlock the good ending.

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