Kitaria Fables - Beginner Tips (Noob Guide)

What you need to know about Kitaria Fables

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Sep 2021

Kitaria Fables requires a lot of grinding to obtain the best equipment and after hours we have the best tips to ease the burden.

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Easy Raw Minerals

Gold, silver, and copper are essential to upgrade your equipment and can be a chore to find early on in the game. Once you have the pickax through progression and start the quest to start fixing the bridge you can find these materials easily in a specific area. In the Mountain Tunnel Entrance, you'll find a lot of veins that contain gold, copper, and silver. Cooper and silver can be found in Paw Village as well but to a lesser degree. The Mountain Tunnel Entrance can be found by the West Paw Field by the Orc camp, from its exit located south of the camp turn left by the barricades to find a passage leading to the Forest Plantation. Follow the path and upward you'll find the entrance.

If you have access to the Mountain Tunnel as well you can find even more veins inside the mine.

These veins will reappear after a few days, which you can accelerate through sleeping. 

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Easy Paw Pennies Without Farming

If farming is not your thing the rarest but easiest item to farm is Amber. This item is held by Treant Guardians by the Forest Sanctuary, the left side of the Orc camp. These are rare but not so rare that you cannot farm them. They net you about 1K for each and the other items such as sap and coal are not only useful but can also be sold for extra paw pennies.

The weather does play a role, if it's raining the entire field will automatically be watered. 

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Seems simple enough, farming offers the best ways to earn money. Completing the farming trials with Kiki in Paw Village will give you the necessary skills and equipment to start. Make sure you upgrade these items using the raw material I spoke about to ease the burden. Upgrading the hoe and watering will increase the tool's effective range.

The best plants to grow are strawberries, grapes, and pineapples. Grapes and strawberries can be purchased from Kiki but Pineapples can only be obtained from Pumpkin who appears at night randomly inside Paw Village north of the fountain.

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Sunstone, Pearl, Moonstone, Coin PurseMiracle Fruit, and Rainbow Scale locations

These are the rarest items in the game and are only held by powerful enemies. We already have video guides (Links Above) for them and here they are. The good thing is that each of these creatures always drops the item, the bad news is you'll have to wait a few days before they'll return.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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