Tears of the Kingdom: How To Get The Glide Suit | Eliminate Fall Damage

The Glide Armor set can help you eliminate Link's fall damage.

By SnowWhite, Posted 19 May 2023

In Tears of the Kingdom, your fall damage was proportional to how far you fell. If Link fell over a tiny cliff, you might be stunned for a moment and take a few hearts of damage, but if he went off a larger cliff or mountain, he would be killed instantly. But what if you can completely eliminate fall damage? Yes, there's an armor set that can help you with this problem. And this is one of the best armor sets you can get at the beginning of your playthrough of Tears of the Kingdom, and it completely eliminates fall damage.

Tears of the Kingdom, How To Get The Glide Suit, Eliminate Fall Damage

This is a brand new set in Tears of the Kingdom, and every piece you equip will provide you skydiving mobility in the game where you are constantly falling from the sky. This is pretty self-explanatory why you absolutely need this. When you get three levels of this, it allows you to explore the map significantly faster than you would be able to with just the glider alone. And if you unlock the great fairies and level this up to level 2, you will get complete immunity to fall damage at any height.

So here's how you can get this armor set. You want to start heading northwest once you unlock your first Skyview Tower. You will cross a bridge and head to Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower (screenshot below). Once here, start a fire in the grass, then use your paraglider to launch yourself over the moat. Climb the Tower, unlock it, and beat yourself into the sky. As you're going up, start looking to your left. You'll notice a tower of rocks on your left going into the sky. Once it gives you a chance, go ahead and open up your paraglider and start heading for an island with roads circling it. Touch the little ring hole to activate a green circle that pops over the edge.

Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower, Tears of the Kingdom, How To Get The Glide Suit, Eliminate Fall Damage

Walk up to the green circle, jump off the edge, and start diving down and following all the rings on your way down until you land in the water below. Do not miss one, or you'll have to repeat this process. If you did it properly, there should be a cutscene for a shrine unlocking in this area. To get out of the water. Look for a Steward Construct. It'll tell you about the trials you need to do about falling through the sky. This is exactly where you want to give him a Zonai charge. He will teleport you back up to the beginning, where now you have a time trial to go through all of the rings. If you do it within 35 seconds, you will be rewarded with the Glide Shirt.

The next one will be a bit more difficult to get to. You'll want to head north to the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower. Once you unlock it and launch yourself out of it, you will immediately want to start turning around the activating your glider. There is a shrine right there that you can unlock. I recommend doing that because you might want to end up back up here eventually. Depending on your stamina, you might actually want to stop at this Iceland because you got a little bit of ways to be able to fly. That's why getting to this one is a bit more complicated. You can build a Zonai device to get down there or up to the top if you want.

Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower, Tears of the Kingdom, How To Get The Glide Suit, Eliminate Fall Damage

Jump left from there, and now you need to go to the island shown in the screenshot above. So you'll want to alternate between gliding and diving at this point because you already have one piece of the armor. You should have some good forward momentum when you're diving. And you might want to aim right for this island, probably the pool of water. Once you land on this island, talk to the Steward Construct. He would give you a trial if you didn't dive from the top of the island the first time. Complete this trial, talk to him again to get the actual challenge, and dive through all the rings in under 35 seconds to unlock your next piece of the Glide Tights.

Now the third and final piece of this armor set will be a little bit more complicated to get to only because the island to get to it is a little bit farther away from the Skyview Tower than all the others. If you head over to the far east side of the map and go to the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, you'll want to launch out of this Tower, and then you'll want to try and land on the island in the screenshot below. You'll launch up from this area and then try to glide over the top island. Thankfully, this island has a pre-built structure that we can use with a few batteries on it. It has a control system on it, so once you turn this on, we can fly directly down to the island that we need to go to do this last challenge right below it.

Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, Tears of the Kingdom, How To Get The Glide Suit, Eliminate Fall Damage

So you just want to take this over to the right, where you see a platform with a big hole on it, and keep flying until you can at least jump off of the structure and dive your way down to that island. Simply jump when you reach on top of that island, and from here, glide down, and you can land right in this pool. Now just like the others, you have 35 seconds to complete this as quickly as possible. With the clouds and everything, it will be a bit more complicated than all the others, so having the mobility on will be very helpful. That's why I recommend doing this one very last, especially if you want to try and do it as fast as possible.

Now you've got the Glide Mask, which gives you Tier 3 of the skydive mobility, and you have all three pieces of the Glide Suit. You shouldn't have any problem navigating the world in your free time, but keep in mind you won't unlock the ability to negate all fall damage until you level up the pieces of armor to level two.

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