Tears of the Kingdom Guide: Tips & Tricks And 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Here are several in-game suggestions and mistakes that I strongly advise you to avoid making.

By SnowWhite, Posted 20 May 2023

Tears of the Kingdom can appear to be fairly overwhelming because it adds so much additional content on top of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with all of the new gameplay features and engaging new ways to go about playing the game. The following are several in-game suggestions and mistakes that I strongly advise you to avoid making because I made them myself earlier in the game. Let's begin with the game's new abilities, which, like in Breath of the Wild, are obtained by stumbling upon them in the game's early shrines. On the other hand, the game introduces several interesting fresh opportunities for discovery.

Ultrahand, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Understanding Ultrahand

The first is the Ultrahand, which enables you to move any weighty object and construct virtually anything you can imagine. The attack mechanic that allows you to glue several objects together to one another is the source of its most significant benefit. The use of Ultrahand is necessary for constructing even relatively simple things like bridges and complex flying machines. However, it is not uncommon for your complex system to fall short of expectations or to require a complete detachment for any reason. You can accomplish it by seizing the primary object to which all the other things are attached, shaking the primary object, and allowing all other things to fall over.

Ascend, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Swin Anywhere With Ascend

The second one is called the Ascend, enabling you to swim through the solid ground above you so long as you have somewhere to lay the green aim. This will be your primary means of accessing higher regions early on and even later on, and it will even allow you to reach the tops of buildings and mountains, provided that there is a small platform for you to pass through.

Once you have reached the top of this area, it is recommended that you do not immediately press the exit button. Instead, try taking advantage of the fact that the Link is still halfway through the area and look about to see whether or not it is worthwhile to go out. If you don't do this, you run the chance of getting caught over there or of deciding you don't like the region and leaving. Doing so will allow you to descend back if you don't want to.

Recall, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Rewind Everything with Recall

The Recall is a form of temporal ability; however, unlike other forms, this one reverts any object to an earlier condition, presuming that it was transferred in the near past. And this completely alters the course of the game. If you are too lazy to create any support beams, you can use the abilities Recall, Ultrahand, and Descend in conjunction with each other to keep a platform flat and pass through it.

First, you'll want to start by using the Ultrahand to maintain it flat for five seconds, and then you can just let it drop after that. From this point on, utilize the Recall ability to rewind it to the position it has just been at, and the final step is to fast switch to ascend and make your way through it at the top to take whatever reward you discover on it. There is no requirement for additional items and no need to construct anything; all you need are your talents, and you can perform this pretty much anywhere.

Recall To Launch Anything, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Use Recall To Launch Anything

There is a second, much more effective way to use this: to attach it to the wings. These Zonai devices are some new ones added in Tears of the Kingdom. Normally, they allow you to glide without wasting any of your stamina, and they also travel quite a distance. However, to complete them, you will frequently need to launch through the rails or find alternative locations that aren't always reachable. However, there is a way to actually launch them from practically any place, and doing so requires you to use your powers once again. First, use the Ultrahand to hold them aloft over the edge for at least a few seconds. Then, lower them to the ground before you and climb up on top of them.

From this point forward, all you need to do is rewind this all the way back to the point where it was floating over the edge, and once you've done that, you can simply turn off the rewind function. And in a nutshell, what you have done right now is push yourself up into the wind without utilizing anything additional, just your powers. Remember that the wings only have a finite amount of time left in them before they expire. In most cases, the distance covered is hardly more than a few hundred meters in a maximum of about eight minutes. After some time, they will vanish, which will be denoted by a brief flash of green. Therefore, the advice I can give is simply to prepare for when it takes place.

How Fuses Work, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

It's Amazing How Fuses Work

In addition to it, there are the Fuses, which are one of the final key powers. This is the new method for combining your current weapons with various additional items. When you combine the powers of these weapons, you not only improve their overall potency, but in many cases, you also add entirely new functionalities. Simple rocks or spike balls that can be found all over the place, all the way to monster components in your inventory, and even some other devices can be combined with weapons in various ways. This includes pretty much anything that isn't nailed to the floor and even more than that.

For instance, equipping a Flame Emitter on a shield protects you from harm but also causes damage to any foes that come within a certain distance of you. This is a great approach to distract them, leaving them vulnerable to a wide variety of your other strikes. In addition, it deals a very high amount of damage, enough to eliminate whole groups of adversaries at once.

Sticks and spears are extremely helpful because they keep foes at a distance, allowing you to deliver significantly more damage with an item like a shock emitter, which you can then smack with the weapon. The possibilities in the game are endless, and there is a lot of room for creative expression, thanks to the game's open-ended nature. You can even slap a rocket on a shield to lift off nicely, and others, later on, are even better. The game keeps getting better as it goes on.

Skyview Towers, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Don't Skip Skyview Towers

It goes without saying that you begin once more with a blank map, which makes perfect sense given the numerous new zones and the significant adjustments that have been implemented. Therefore, as you venture into new regions, you should try to visit each of these Skyview Towers. Although they now have a somewhat different appearance, they continue to perform essentially the same function: to expose the locations of new zones and act as quick travel places. Nevertheless, how it is carried out is a lot more interesting, in my opinion, because Link now also gets launched very high into the air. Therefore, you will now have a better opportunity to map the areas and observe more of the skies.

You should make every effort to make the most of this moment because there will be a lot of stuff waiting for you there. Nearly every single one of them contains a riddle or a method that can be used to access at least one of the Shrines in the neighborhood. And the simple act of connecting with them is already enough to open up another fast trip. There will be many benefits to having manifest travel stations, especially in higher-up regions. Access to higher terrain, which makes it simpler to explore and even plan ahead to reach inaccessible locations that you typically cannot from the ground level, is one of the most significant benefits.

You cannot ordinarily reach these areas from the ground level. Especially now that the Skydive ability has been added, which is truly incredible, other features are in place to better support it. An additional feature of this location is the presence of Soldier Constructs, which you will want to farm for the Zonai Charges that they occasionally drop and for the better weaponry they frequently carry. You shouldn't have much trouble defeating them, but there are a few outliers, and you should try to collect as many of their drops as you can.

Zonai Equipment, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Pay Close Attention To Zonai Equipment

The reason for this is that you'll be able to spot these Device Dispensers in the distance on the Skyview Islands, notably the ones that have those enormous crystal globes on top of them. After you reach a certain level, you can trade some of the Zonai Charges you have obtained from the Fallen Constructs to a specific NPC to gain brand-new items that can be stored in your inventory in a portable form.

Once you have the items in your inventory, you can use them in any way you see fit. This includes the Flying Wings, Fans, Rockets, Cannons, and a great deal more, in addition to portable pods and a great deal more. Once you have used each Dispenser at least once, you can see what it provides because the icon that represents that Dispenser on the map will indicate how many and which of the devices it will offer.

Activate the Shrine Locks, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Activate the Shrine Locks

Considering that we have gone over Shrines yet again, it is in your best interest to finish as many of them as possible right at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, Link will lose all of his prior advancements, and you typically start from the beginning. On the bright side, there are now more Shrines than ever, each offering the same amount of experience.

Your primary motivation for obtaining them from the Light of Blessings is so that you can exchange four of them for either additional stamina or hearts. There is an early statue at the starting area at the Temple of Time where you can offer these, but of course, there are many more that you can unlock as you travel to other villages and locations.

It is strongly suggested that you emphasize stamina more like you did in the last game, particularly when you have obtained at least four or five hearts. At the very least, you ought to proceed in this manner. In addition, much like in the games that came before, each Shrine contains at least one hidden location, which grants access to an additional treasure most of the time.

Therefore, you must ensure that the additional puzzle is solved for them. In most cases, getting to them is simple, and they are conveniently close to the main path. You do not have to finish them if you don't want to. Still, try to least interact with the entry to unlock the teleport spots and get the ability to move quickly in any location as you continue to explore more and more areas.

Progress in the Story Missions, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Progress The Story Missions

This brings me to another point: you will not want to be frightened of getting a bit further in the main tale. This is because progressing further in the main story is the primary means to access many of the game's big power hours and other functions or features. For instance, gaining access to the towers in the first place is contingent upon completing a story task, which will subsequently result in the recovery of your glider. In addition, the additional verticality that will be present in Tears of the Kingdom will make them mandatory, so you won't want to pass up the opportunity to acquire them and should do so without delay.

Fuse Mechanic For Combat, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Fuse Mechanic For Combat

Because of how the fuse mechanic works, this also raises the topic of quick combat techniques. It's best not to get rid of things too quickly, especially if they have even a shred of possibility for improvement. Be aware, though, that even after fusing a weapon with a device, it will still have a charge you are responsible for remembering, which will be displayed while holding the weapon. When the charge runs out, you won't be able to utilize those powers again unless you wait a little while for it to recharge and return to full capacity.

However, there should be no difficulty in employing either the weapon or the shield. It is going to operate in the same manner as usual. Holding up the shield while using the emitter to light the adversary on fire for an extended amount of time may cause its durability to be depleted more quickly, destroying the item earlier than intended.

You shouldn't combine your weapons with explosive barrels unless you can, at least, face-tank them. Additionally, Fusing can be used in conjunction with the bow and arrow to attach virtually anything from your inventory and gain an advantage in a fight. Despite this, attaching the most powerful explosives is not always necessary.

That is still quite effective, but in addition, there are a variety of different plans. You can always utilize some of the puffs rooms in one of the other zones if you want to disengage from attackers or cause confusion. These rooms can be found around the map. It's either that or bomb flowers for some quick area of effect, although intriguing effects can be achieved with pretty much everything.

Underground Zone, Tears of the Kingdom, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Common Mistakes

Don't Ignore Underground Zone

If you believe Tears of the Kingdom will have you playing through the same map, you are in for a big surprise. This brings us to the conclusion of our discussion. The game has been altered significantly, and there are now two more extras on top of that. We discussed the Sky Islands, one of them; there is also an island deep inside the ground.

You may get there by crossing the chasm that runs through the center of Hyrule, one of the first areas you will visit when you descend to the bottom level. This unlocks the depth, which has the same size as the upper world and comes with its own set of prizes, gaming features, and new obstacles. The depth is comparable in size to the top world.

It is important to use caution when traversing the gloom because doing so depletes your hearts, which cannot be restored until you have returned to the above world. You can circumvent this by obtaining a skeleton horse from the same region, as riding one would allow you to travel over the obstacles without any problems.

However, opponent assaults also impart gloom to everything, which means you have little choice but to become skilled at the game and avoid getting struck unless you want your health to decrease. You will need to uncover more of its zones, much like with the upper wall, but this time you should focus on finding the light paths that are dispersed throughout. Therefore, you should always do that because doing so removes some of the darkness and unveils some new areas.

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Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more guides.

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