Retroactivity #3 - Castlevania

In 1986, the first game of the Castlevania series comes to the world in Japan, being ported to the NES in the U.S. next year and soon became one of the most popular games in the season

By canana, Posted 13 Jul 2009

In 1986, the first game of the Castlevania series comes to the world in Japan, being ported to the NES in the U.S. next year and soon became one of the most popular games in the season among addicts in the 8-bit Nintendo. Because of the growing popularity of the NES, many of you might think that Castlevania was the first legitimate game of the series, but before Castlevania Konami launched the game Vampire Killer for the MSX home computer, in 1986. In spite of Castlevania have "inherited" the graphical objects of Vampire Killer, both games were completely different. Vampire Killer was a exploration game, where the player would have to sweep the castle for keys that open certain doors to be able to continue, since Castlevania was more focused on action, and had a more linear mode of play. (However, details of the operation were re series in the second game, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, and later expanded into Symphony of the Night). The story of both, however, was the same: the year 1691, Dracula turned the world of the dead and only one of the legendary descedent Belmont clan can destroy it. The fearless Simon Belmont would be as close to his clan to enter the territory of the enemy and fulfill their destiny, bringing Dracula back to hell!The hero of Castlevania would become famous among fans and years later, as the character in the series which appear in more remake. And speaking of Simon, he had a great season for the gap between the other characters in action games: his legendary whip, whose name is also "Vampire Killer".

Before Castlevania, all games had almost medieval characters with heavy armor and carrying swords. In addition to the whip, Simon could also make use of various secondary weapons, whose use was made the cost of hearts that were obtained with the destruction of enemies and candlesticks with lighted candles, something that would become a trademark in the series.

Graphics, Effects and Soundtrack

The graphics are simple, as in all games of the NES, in those times but the funds are well-screen worked, with many details. Castlevania was a game that really surprised everyone at the time when it was launched, for its beautiful scenary and very well prepared. This would be a significant factor in the remaining games of the series that would be launched in later years, where the graphics, especially those scenarios, would always impeccable. The sound effects were the best of this era.Castlevania was one of the first NES games to use voices. Simon let out a Gruni where is reached, which I believe can be something very simple and basic, but that at the time drew much attention. The effects of the sound of the whip and the sacred weapons were very well made, and are quite pleasant to hear. The numerous game music concerts that run excerpts from the soundtrack of Castlevania are of great quality, since the songs are a highlight of his game. Even with the poor sound quality of the NES, anyone realize the grandeur of the compositions of Castlevania. Almost all of the songs have become classics, and appeared in several games of the series released later.

Gameplay and Difficulty

But not everything is perfect. There are some problems with gameplay that many people have complained, especially the controls. Once you jump, you can not change the direction in mid-air. The whip is not exactly the most powerful weapons when you have to hit smaller objects. The use of the whip requires an exact timing. Another major problem in the game is its difficulty, with stages full of enemies and cliffs. Many of the chiefs, among which I highlight the Frankenstein and Death.The game requires much patience and dedication.

Castlevania is a true classic not only of the series, becoming reference for all subsequent games, but in games in general. The first level of the castle makes an appearance in most games of the series, as Castlevania 3 and Rondo of Blood. The game Castlevania is a must for any fan of the saga. Being the first who played the series,the games is still very special to me, and I confess that even with so many "modern" games, I always play this great Castlevania. Already lost count of how many times I have played this game! The Castlevania series could not have started better in the grand NES!

Stay tuned for the next retroactivity!!

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • Nicely stated Marco :) I have to admit that I haven't played any of this game series, but I've heard the best of words from its fans :)

    Posted Jul 13, 2009
  • Very great series, very great piece of writing. :)

    The best Castlevanias are Symphony of the Night and Order of Ecclesia. So... Ilias... you might want to get on that. :P

    Posted Jul 13, 2009
  • I've played one of them (don't remember which one though) on a friend's NES and I really enjoyed it :) Thanks for the detailed info canana :)

    Posted Jul 14, 2009
  • Konami is doing a great job with this series.Very nice feature Marco.Smile

    Posted Jul 15, 2009
  • A new retroactivity is on the works, stay tuned!

    Posted Jul 26, 2009

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