Game of the Year 2012 Part 3: GOTY Winner

This is it, folks: the final award. Game of the year.

By azn_pride, Posted 02 Jan 2013

Game of the Year 2012, Review, Latest, News, Rumor, Preview, Trailer

This is it, folks: the final award. Game of the year. We’ve thought long and hard, discussed back and forth at length to decide on the winner of this category. It wasn’t easy, as each of our nominees are fantastic games worthy of the title.

The Walking Dead (PC, 360, PS3)
Mass Effect 3 (PC, 360, PS3)
Guild Wars 2 (PC)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC, 360, PS3)
Journey (PS3)

And the winner is…

Game of the Year 2012, Review, Latest, News, Rumor, Preview, Trailer

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Reviving a long dormant series is no easy task, especially one so revered as XCOM. This could have easily been a disaster; another failed revival for the history books. But Firaxis did the unexpected: they brought XCOM back. And did so with glorious results.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of the best strategy games in years. It’s intensity and challenge are second to none, successfully invoking the spirit of the original games by making each action carry immense weight. A single miscalculation is all it takes to put you in a tight situation. Whether that be something as small as missing a shot, as big as the loss of a soldier, or being a day late with getting more satellites built to keep any countries from withdrawing their support, XCOM is constantly putting pressure on you, creating one of most taxing, rewarding, and downright menacing games of any year.

Thanks for reading! Here's to a kickass 2013 in video games!

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  • Mass Effect 3 will always be 2012 GOTY in my heart. 

    Posted Jan 02, 2013

  • All great games up there! 

    Posted Jan 03, 2013

  • I was seeking for Mass Effect 3 but can't complain about XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This particular title is been like a revolution and very well deserved a GOTY.

    Posted Jan 03, 2013

  • I was all about The Walking Dead in 2012. Didn't get the chance to play NoobFeed's GOTY 2012 but.....Just picked it up!

    I've got some gaming to do :0)

    Posted Jan 03, 2013

  • Backlash aside, I still want to play Mass Effect 3. But I refuse to do so until after I've played and finished Mass Effect 1 and 2.

    Oh and yes, XCOM is awesome. Play it! :P

    Posted Jan 04, 2013

  • the lack of Guild Wars 2 mentions is disturbing. Also: Yay XCOM.

    Posted Jan 04, 2013

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