Interview: Amie Lynn

We spoke to Amie Lynn and talked about her passion for video games and cosplaying.

By RON, Posted 07 Dec 2013

This week we have with us Amie Lynn, a renowned cosplayer and gaming enthusiast. She is most known due to her attendance in conventions and expo's as guest cosplayer, cosplay judge, and media representative. And, not only copsplaying, she has been a brand ambassador for companies ranging from independent webcomics to widely popular gaming establishments.

I had this great opportunity to speak to her and discuss about her passion for video games and cosplaying.

Amie Lynn, Interview
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Ron: Any large convention or expo, you’re always a familiar face. Who you really are behind all your costumes?

Amie: I'm Amie Lynn, a really normal girl who likes a lot of random things and likes to dress up and play games and just be myself! I'm your average cosplayer: I watch/play something, obsess over a certain character, and then feel emotionally obligated to portray it haha. 

Ron: How did you get into Cosplay? Did you find it difficult to start cosplaying and building such large amount fans?

Amie: Cosplay for me is a hobby before anything else. I started cosplaying with a group of friends who wanted to do a group Code Geass cosplay at Anime Expo! I was really really nervous at first, but cosplaying with friends definitely helps a lot! The uhhhh fans just sort of showed up as I kept cosplaying! I just keep sharing my work and passion, and I guess people like that. :D  

Ron: Is it difficult to pursue Cosplay as a career?

Amie: Cosplay isn't really a career for me... it's a creative outlet. It's a way for me to express my love for something. I don't expect to "do cosplay" for a living for the rest of my life. I am really flattered when I am approached to work as a cosplayer for a company, every time. I always think, what the heck there are 782932 other cosplayers that deserve this opportunity more than I do! So I feel incredibly lucky anytime I get to travel somewhere.

 Amie Lynn, Interview Amie Lynn, Interview

Ron: Your Cosplay seems to cover a lot of anime, comics and video games. But which is your personal favorite to do?

Amie: Video games! ALWAYS! I'm not the biggest fan of spandex so finding a comic character I like is difficult. I do like anime characters too but I think the anime I watch tends to have more... normal characters without any cool design! That's why I love video game characters! They are more intricate, and creative. :) 

Ron: Who is your favorite character to dress up as?

Amie: It changes on my mood. My newest favorite is my Silver Scythe costume because I designed it from scratch with Jeff Matsuda for a video game! It's meta-cosplay. 

Ron: You attend many conventions and events, but which has the best Cosplay? And was there a specific person that stood out at that convention?

Amie: Hmmmm... my favorite convention to see cosplayers is at Anime Expo! I'm probably biased though bc it was my first big convention and a lot of cosplayers I look up to I first saw at that convention. 

Amie Lynn, Interview Amie Lynn, Interview

Ron: Do you reckon developers/publishers will start using official cosplayers more to promote their games? And what do you think the benefits of such a promotion are?

Amie: I sure hope so! I love the idea of actual fans getting to dress as a character they are fond of, all while getting paid to do it hahaha. 

Ron: What is one of your favorite moments in a video game?

Amie: Anything that is just gloriously beautiful! An example I guess would be Journey. That game gives me feels. I spent an evening waiting in the desert for my friend to join my game. It took a while but we eventually did it! 

Ron: What is your go to game if you need cheering up? 

Amie: Katamari Damacy!!! 

Ron: If you could live in any game which would it be any why?

OH SNAP. HRM. Honestly probably Borderlands!

Amie Lynn, Interview Amie Lynn, Interview

Ron: What game are you most looking forward to playing when you get some free time? 

Amie: I want to finish Pokemon X. I got to the second gym leader, and then got swamped with things to do. My pokemon probably are missing me, crying all alone in their little pokeball prisons. :(

Ron: Do you think the increase in female cosplayers creating costumes of male characters for themselves will eventually lead to developers taking note and creating more strong female lead characters?

Amie: That's actually a really cool idea! I honestly couldn't say. I'd love to see some new strong female leads. Not just personified by physical traits though.. but just overall awesomeness.  

Ron: When and how do you decide cosplaying a character? Is it because you love a particular game or show, or based on people’s choice?

Amie: My own personally fandom will always take precedence. I do like hearing suggestions though! It's always funny to see what people think you would pull off really well. Recently, I've been getting a lot of Samus requests which I would have NEVER thought of! O___O 

Amie Lynn, Interview Amie Lynn, Interview

Ron: Do you have any interesting upcoming plans or what can fans expect to see from you in the near future?

Amie: I'll be making another Lightning cosplay, from XIII-3! Other than that, I don't even know. I'm bad at planning ahead haha! 

Ron: Any word of advice for the cosplay enthusiasts?

Amie: GO FOR IT! If you want to start cosplaying, do it for the love of cosplay. I can't stress enough how important it is to enjoy this hobby. At times I even have to step back and remind myself not to stress out over a costume.

An update from Amie’s channel on her upcoming plans and more.

A big thanks to Amie for taking the time to talk with us! We look forward to hearing about your upcoming projects and wish you continued success! Keep up with Amie Lynn on YouTube, give her a like on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

Sarwar Ron, NoobFeed
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  • OMG! She’s coming to Tokyo :D I totally LOVE Amie. She’s not only a great cosplayer but an amazing person in real. Can’t wait to see Amie as Rose.
    Posted Dec 07, 2013

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