A Gaming Carol

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

By Admin, Posted 25 Dec 2014

It is again that time of the year and here at NoobFeed, we would like to thank you all for staying with us through 2014. Everything we do, we do for you, our readers. That is why are constantly improving to give you quality content. All of us who work at NoobFeed would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of games and entertainment. And, to show we care, we give you a very special Christmas treat: our own take of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, although written in rhyme, because, you know, it is Christmas. Instead of being visited by the ghosts of past, present and yet to come Christmas, our staff was visited by the games released earlier this year, the years you should play this season and the games to look forward in 2015. Please enjoy A Gaming Carol.  Happy Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

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Christmas swiftly approaches
As do the wishes of those who celebrate
There is Assetto Cora, for racing skills one might want to demonstrate
Telltale Games have the perfect present for fans of Game of Thrones
Or fight against zombies in Dead Effect before your skin rots on your bones
Slither across the Cuban terrain with Solid Snake
Unlock the Clover Character Pack
Then execute The Diamond Heist to hit big on Pay Day and bring home the cake
Ride with your Crew on the streets, make a name for yourself
While your rivals fail to impress
Try out the new jungle in the League of Legends preseason
But don’t stress when your teammates blame you for a bad gank
After all, it’s hard to execute after an ulti from Gangplank
Undergo a Repopulation on a new planet
Hero or villain, whatever you choose, there will always be bandits
Be the Hunter in a prehistoric land
Tussle with a T-Rex or a Triceratops in the forest or on the sand
Flight Simulator X will be next on the list
That is if of course, your aviation skills have not gone amiss

Battle in the shrubs of the far away land of Kyrat,
But try not to cry in the face of Pagan Min
Orcs and trolls remind you of Mordor, a place you have been
Struggle to survive in the midst of a war that is yours
Or open doors to a new career as a Football Manager
Die a hundred times in a row with Dark Souls
Although it will punch holes in your patience
Learn of the tales before Borderlands and explore Pandora’s Moon
But be aware of Falling Lords as The Demonic Rhogar emerges from the dark realm
Fear not, for Harkyn will delve into the danger that looms and bring us to safety
Take a trip down memory lane with Wolfenstein
And battle a fierce Wasteland filled with bandits and raiders
But if you can, be sure not to side with traitors
It may be a big one, but leave your list with a Final Fantasy
And may all your gaming wishes become a reality

Finally, the Ghost of Future Gaming appeared
And brought a vision that we now hold dear
For we saw a hooded Assassin through the streets of London
The Victory cry of a Creed we won’t abandon.
Nostalgia filled our hearts with the spiritual successor of a robot boy
9 is his number and his Might is everything but a toy
We saw four players fighting a final boss
Controlled by a fifth player; I guess gaming can Evolve
And then a classic scene between cops and robbers
The Hardline of a Battlefield so different from the others
No Man disagrees that the Sky is the limit
This game gives tons of exploration and few things it prohibits
And you might say zombies are totally played out
But might not say the same when you see them under a Dying Light
Then we saw a Witcher arriving to its third iteration
This time it will allow totally free exploration
And of all of the iconic characters we consider legendary
The Origin of a girl who Raids Tombs will be extraordinary
A bit out of Order this vision came next
It took us back to 1886 and really made a huge mess
Tom Clancy also visited and gave us a smile
And saw Six Rainbows Sieging our minds
Would a Wooly World woo the world with wonder?
Yoshi might win our hearts with this little number
Then four Arwings cross the sky in hurry
Star Fox team arrived, but their delay made us worry
We were taken to an Island and everything looked Dead
That was the Second time, I guess we should’ve planned ahead
Perhaps a cute pink clay ball would lift the Curse
Kirby’s Rainbow made the situation less adverse
The Phantom of an Old Snake slithered by in Pain
Not even a Solid Metal Gear could it slain
Then we were trapped in a color typhoon
I guess there’s no shooter than the bright Splatoon
If the Ghost was an angel he was missing his Halo of gold
It is true that Guardians come in all shapes and forms
Which reminds me of a Knight with the wings of a Bat
Man, that place Arkham was infested with rats
Enter a plumber with a mustache; I think Mario was his name
He is a skilled Maker of trouble with lots and lots of fame
Then we found ourselves in the green grass of Hyrule
The Legend says that a princess named Zelda is the one who rules
We kept going until we were in Uncharted territory
A Thief helped us get back in track, but that’s not the End of the story
For we arrived to a galaxy far, far, away
And saw Wars near a Star; a different Battlefront every day
Tom Clancy came again and showed us, with great precision
A post-apocalyptic world which he called The Division
By this point we needed a Break from Quantum mechanics
Otherwise, with no doubt, we were going to panic
The we saw a dragon and a man Bound by Scales
It was something you could expect from certain fairytales
And we saw a violent city that was about to Crack
Down we went leaping, hoping soon to come back
In our Final stop, we made it back and put this Fantasy to an end
We sleep for 15 hours right down in our bed
And so the Ghost of Future Gaming waved us all goodbye
We saw all the games that, in 2015, we definitively need to try.

On behalf of the NoobFeed staff,

Jonathan Coutiño and Gabriel Polychronis, NoobFeed

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