The Perfect First Person Shooter

First Person Shooter is one of the more explored genres in videogames, only in this generation there are lots of options.

By canana, Posted 15 Jan 2010

First Person Shooter is one of the more explored genres in videogames, only in this generation there are lots of options. A pity that the vast majority of them are generic versions or clones that give us not much fun. What you will see now is a conjunction of cool ideas that need to be a FPS to be unfailingly pleasant and enter that AAA rating. Just note that these elements of each ingredient is important, but the new FPS still need a bit of creativity only if you really want to go down in history of gaming.

Artificial Intelligence, customization for multiplayer and original weapons.

Example: Perfect Dark and Turok

The AI of a game is very important, regarding the genre. Until there are games in today's artificial intelligence very compelling, but only to humiliate them all let's take two examples of older games - Perfect Dark and Turok 2, both for the the N64. Dinosaurs and guards were actually very hard to beat. Another point that can not be left out in a kind of "dream FPS based on good shooters is the personalization - especially in the hours of multiplayer. In Pefect Dark you could create your own avatar. If you want to go further, the customization could be complete as in Fallout 3. But when it comes to unique weapons, Turok simply reigns. The game featured some of the most incredible weapons of all time for a FPS.

Stunts, real experience in an open world setting.

Example: Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge is not exactly a FPS, but it has vision in the first person and has some interesting things, that used the correct dosage, would be very welcome for FPS that are idealized. Show a hand with the gun is just the basics that every game does, but we must make you feel being "the eyes of the character," and it is not easy. Mirror's Edge does this very well and it would be nice in a FPS can look down when jumping and see the legs of your character. Or make some small stunts as opposed to jump a wall to take the necessary impetus and reach a higher platform.

Art direction, control, platforms and interaction with objects.

Example: Half-Life and Bioshock

Starting with the art direction - amazing, well built, beautiful and that makes you want to continue playing (something very important, after all if the game does not give pleasure to play, all else fails). Then there is the inclusion of platform elements, you have to walk crawling on the floor, climbing bases, jumping platform after platform. This is really cool and helps diversify the gameplay. Finally, of course, could not miss something in the style of the Gravity Gun from HL2. We have the best when it comes to interaction with the objects of the scenarios. You can get many forts that are the stage and use them as weapons against enemies, shield or simply to get rid of a trap. Perfect. That's what we want. Nothing can be more satisfying than having the freedom to pick up a rock on the floor and shoot at the forehead of the monster.

Portions of online multiplayer.

Example: Halo 3

Add offline multiplayer

Example: Perfect Dark, XIII, Mario Kart

The single player campaign  is essential and therefore should receive special attention "Class A" by the production team, but it is not the only experience that a player wants to have. The online mode needs to be at least a supplement as solid as the main campaign. And not for nothing that Halo 3 is today one of the most played FPSs on Xbox Live 360. In this case, the online gets to be even more important than the singleplayer. Easy to connect and join friends to play, voice communication, maps, updates via DLC, tournaments, rankings system, various game modes, great maps, etc etc etc. . An ideal FPS must learn from the guys from Bungie.

The online is very important and all, but we can not forget those who have no Gold on Live or even Wi-Fi access on PSN, Nintendo WFC and other networks. There are many reasons that can cause a person can not make all online content for one game - and unfortunately more and more games these days are leaving aside the old system offline with bots.

Perfect Dark offers a pleasant opportunity to race with friends and even good AI for bots in multiplayer. XIII (Thirteen) is a more current example also appreciate that - you can customize the difficulty of the bots and play Free for All, in teams or in other ways more. Even without a friend nearby, the XIII multiplayer is fun as hell!

And then there's Mario Kart. Ok, not a FPS and not even in first person. But we like to quote you the simple argument that playing with a friend on the side it's still fun, then it is further proof that the offline multiplayer should not be extinguished.

Incentive for exploration, stealth and close combat.

Example: Metroid Prime and The Chronicles of Riddick

Metroid Prime uses very well the exploitation factor. This is important because it helps eliminate the problem of linearity of most FPS and does not leave you stuck to the mechanics of just "kill, kill and kill." Riddick is another good example of originality that could be used. The game has great stealth sequences - you can get the guy behind and, without realizing it, breaking his neck. And because it is a prison, still has a lot of fist fights and knife. It is a proof that an FPS can merge shooting and exploitation and yet not leave the shooter less exciting than it should.

Identity and charisma of the character.

Example: Duke Nukem, Gordon Freeman and James Bond

Most of the main characters in FPSs nowadays are "ghosts". Sometimes we know the face, sometimes not even that. But very few times that the player identifies with "the guy behind the gun," is the charisma or "life story". Duke Nukem, Gordon Freeman (Half-Life) and James Bond - especially those games with Pierce Brosnan - praise that could get done. In the case of Duke, in particular, it is the Schwarzenegger mixed with Kurt Russell. It's irreverent, controversial.

Good sound, gameplay, gadgets and cheats at  will.

Example: GoldenEye 007

The first James Bond game on the Nintendo 64 was one of the coolest music ever seen in a game of this genre, then another example of sound quality was Perfect Dark on the same console. But there was more. The game still had great gameplay. You see, you could throw a hand or foot of Natalya Simonova which was a spot of blood in place and she still complained of pain in the spot that was hit. You could even see one in the headshot soldier and miss by a whisker, making the hat from his head to fly away. A good FPS also need to gadgets - you know, those legal items, usually futuristic, breaking the ice of infinite sequences of shooting and shooting. GoldenEye is also a great example to be followed, for after all this time he has items to other side: watch full of functions, various types of bombs, key cards and passes, knives etc.. And after completing the mission singleplayer, that this provision be a lot of cheats insane for us to play all over again? GoldenEye was champion again: Who does not remember the code for the golden gun that killed with one single shot? Good times, good times...

Marco Cecilio,NoobFeed

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  • As you can see, no Killzone, Resistance, Call of Duty, etc. Which proves that older games are still good.

    Posted Jan 15, 2010

  • XIII is one of the best FPS I've ever played in my life. Very old game but amazingly good. Comic style graphics and smooth gameplay. Each kill has a short but awesome cutscene, which makes it even better. Turok is an awesome game too.  A little better graphics and it could've been an epic game. And, I think Duke Nukem is the inspiration of all the good FPS of this generation.

    Posted Jan 15, 2010

  • Perfect dark is my favorot game of all times. Or medal of honour rising sun manly because you could be playing multiplayer and add a bunch of bots and stuff.

    Posted Jan 16, 2010

  • I was going to ask you about the recent games but you've already answered that in your comment. Very nice article. As for the record I don't think I've played any of these games

    Posted Jan 16, 2010
  • avatar RON

    This is surprise. Great article.  Is it me or everyone else commented had the feeling that this article has a sequel 

    Posted Jan 16, 2010

  • I really liked the way you categorized the elements of different FPS genres. Perfect Dark was simply awesome and XIII really showed how vector graphics can be used properly. As for last three categories of FPS, i think you should include No One Lives Forever series. Anyways excellent writing!!

    Posted Jan 19, 2010

  • Great piece of writing Marco..:)

    Posted Jan 20, 2010

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