Awesome Video Game Soundtracks #1

I thought I’d take the time to share some video game soundtracks that are worth listening to.

By azn_pride, Posted 04 Jul 2010

For many people, music is the cure for all their physical and mental problems. It can make us feel happy, nostalgic, and in some occasions, make us cry. Others create their own so they can share similar sentiments with other people. Whether it gives you a peace of mind or amplifies your imagination to its highest degree, music has its way of making us feel a specific sensation. Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on it; you just hear it, and you’re in awe of it.

With that said, I thought I’d take the time to share some video game soundtracks that are worth listening to. Not only do these soundtracks impress with incredible ambience, they do so in style.

Pokémon, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Streets of Rage 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Final Fantasy VII, Soundtrack, OST

Pokémon: Red/Blue/Yellow & Gold/Silver/Crystal

Linking up with friends to trade, filling up each other’s respective Pokédex's, duking it out on Link battles…ah, those were the days. Anyone who’s ever played the original games won't forget the many sleepless nights spent honing their Pokémon training skills. It wasn’t just the infinite hours logged in; the music also helped the [earlier] Pokémon series sound remarkable.

Gym (Red & Blue)
Gym Leader Battle (Red & Blue)
Gym (Gold & Silver)
Gym Leader Battle (Gold & Silver)

Perhaps it’s a bit far-fetched to call these soundtracks flawless, if not close to it. Every single track – from the lively city tunes to classic battle themes – will forever be etched in gamers’ minds. As soon as you sense the familiarity, nostalgia can’t help but kick in; you suddenly get the urge to dig through your closet and relive one of your best childhood memories – catching, battling, and becoming ‘Champ’ all over again.

Champion Battle (Gold & Silver)

And who could forget Team Rocket? Their cruelty was well known; killing and selling Pokémon, all for the sake of power and profit. And they couldn’t be more proud of that. Just when you thought you got rid of them for good, these persistent Rockets make a comeback. That persistence is what makes them a classic villain.

For all time, perhaps? It's a possibility.

Team Rocket Hideout Theme (Red & Blue)
Team Rocket Hideout Theme (Gold & Silver)

Pokémon, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Streets of Rage 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Final Fantasy VII, Soundtrack, OST

Streets of Rage 2

I’ve been a long time fan of beat ‘em up games, so it makes absolute sense one should be on the list. Aside from being an already enjoyable game, Streets of Rage 2 was even more so with its electrifying soundtrack. The first stage kicks off with a super-catchy dance/techno instrumental you just couldn’t help but bob your head or stomp your feet to. The entire soundtrack certainly fit the game’s nightlife setting, and as you completed each stage, the songs just never let up. In the end, Mr. X and his goons couldn’t stand a chance against Axel, Blaze, Skate, Max Thunder, and Yuzo Koshiro’s masterful composing skills.

Go Straight (1-1)
The Bar (1-2)
Dreamer (3-1)
Never Return Alive (Boss Fight)

Pokémon, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Streets of Rage 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Final Fantasy VII, Soundtrack, OST

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Back in the day, I thought Street Fighter II was the real deal. I remember going over to my friend’s house just to watch him play it. It was entertaining to say the least, but it wasn’t until my dad got me Street Fighter Alpha 2 (the Gold Edition no doubt) for PC one Christmas morning. Thanks to him, Street Fighter Alpha 2 remains as my favorite SF game of all time.

Chun-li Theme
Dan Theme
Guy Theme

The SFA2 soundtrack (Street Fighter Alpha 1&2, actually) contains some of the best remixes/original songs of any Street Fighter iteration to date. Infused with different musical styles, this album was 16-bit heaven. Ironically, Street Fighter Alpha 2 also marked the ending of my fighting game ‘career.’

The reason? I suck at fighting games.

Adon Theme
Sagat Theme
Player Select Theme
Staff Roll 2

Pokémon, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Streets of Rage 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Final Fantasy VII, Soundtrack, OST

Final Fantasy VII

Featuring the works of legendary composer, Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy VII’s soundtrack is filled with multitude of emotions; exciting battle themes to a string of intensifying orchestra pieces, invoking feelings of urgency, enthusiasm, and even tragedy. You probably sat there, mouth agape or tears streaming down your cheeks; Final Fantasy VII’s most critical cutscenes were shocking at best. And a number of tracks made those scenes impactful as they were unforgettable.

Aeris ThemeMain Theme / World Map Theme
Let the Battles Begin! (Battle Theme)
Fight On! (Boss Theme)

FF7 can also be summed up in the form of Sephiroth. This sadistic megalomaniac made the game’s final moments haunting, with his iconic “One-Winged Angel” theme taking it to the extreme. It’s also why Sephiroth has been regarded as one of the best video game villains of all time.

One Winged Angel

David Gabriel, NoobFeed

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  • Nice feature David, good job!

    Music plays an important role in videogames and without it, playing games could be very boring and tedious. The soundtracks that you have mentioned in the feature are total unknown to me, thank you for the information. I can remember epic soundtracks such as God of War and a lot more that makes music a big part of my  virtual and real life.

    Posted Jul 04, 2010

  • kudos for mentioning pokemon, but i feel you missed some classics :P

    of course, this is only part 1, so you still have time to show the epicness of mario (especially in galaxy 2, one of the best soundtracks i've ever listened to), zelda, golden sun (that's only the world map theme, imagine the rest) and shadow of the colossus (the link sends you to my favorite videogame theme EVER)

    Posted Jul 04, 2010

  • This is one hell of an unique feature. Judging by the #1 in the end, I presume this is a new feature introduced :D

    Posted Jul 04, 2010

  • @BrunoBRS: Oh. don't worry, I didn't forget the classics. And some of the ones that you mentioned, I've already got them in mind.

    Posted Jul 04, 2010

  • Some of my favorites are MGS, GoW, and OoT are some of my favorites. I have a lot more favorites, I love my soundtracks. Not including the licensed games even.

    Posted Jul 04, 2010

  • @azn_pride - you better include the ones i mentioned, OR ELSE...


    Posted Jul 04, 2010

  • I love this feature idea. Briliant. Tomb Raider sound tracks are also great.

    Posted Jul 05, 2010

  • If I ever see you David face to face, i am gonna treat you. Streets of Rage II soundtracks are awesome.

    Posted Jul 05, 2010

  • Glad you all like it, there'll be way more to come in the future :D

    Posted Jul 05, 2010

  • Great feature

    Posted Jul 07, 2010

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