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Everything you need with your new Nintendo Switch

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Jan 2017

In addition to all the games coming out for the Nintendo Switch Nintendo detailed what accessories will be launching for the system.

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These include prices and descriptions of each item:

Nintendo Pro Controller $69.99

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A little more expensive than an Xbox One or PS4 controller these controllers feature HD rumble, motion control, and amiibo functionality. It's possible the extra cost comes from the amiibo addition.

Joy-Con Wheel $14.99

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Like the Wii's version of the wheel this controller is specific for Mario Kart, in this case Mario Kart 8. You insert the Joy-Con controller into the device and it functions like a steering wheel.

Nintendo Switch Dock Set $89.99

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This device already comes in the box but gamers can purchase multiple docking stations. It comes with a charging cable and a HDMI cable.

Joy-Con Charging Grip $29.99

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This comes with the system but gamers can purchase multiple charging stations.

Joy-Con Controllers $79.99

Nintendo Switch,Joy-Con Controllers,Nintendo,Blue

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Nintendo Switch,Joy-Con Controller,Nintendo,NoobFeed,Red,

Nintendo Switch,Joy-Con Controller,Nintendo,NoobFeed,Red,Blue

This is more expensive than the standard controller but it comes with two in multiple colors such as red, blue, and gray,

Joy-Con Controller $49.99 (Left or Right)

Nintendo Switch,Joy-Con Controller,Nintendo,NoobFeed,

Nintendo Switch,Joy-Con Controller,Nintendo,NoobFeed,

Oddly Nintendo is charging $50 for an individual controller, most likely to encourage gamers to purchase the set.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd for $299.99. For everything that comes in the Nintendo Switch box click here.

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