Let's Predict Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two - Episode 5: Above and Beyond

What will happen to Jesse in the finale for Let's Predict Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two?

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Nov 2017

This article contains spoilers for Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two

The latest episode of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two has Jesse and his friends finally home and ready to face Romeo. The Admin has taken over Jesse's hometown of Beacontown and stolen his identity. Now after surviving the horrors of the world below Jesse finds that his town has been resharpened into something else. What will happen? 

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Lucas Under Admin Control

The cliffhanger for episode 4 leaves Lucas at the mercy of The Admin. Lucas rushes into The Order of the Stone HQ and finds the Admin looking very sinisterly at him. Romeo loves to mess with people and using Lucas to fight Jesse may be possible.

In episode 4 we learn from Ivor that those who oppose Romeo end up disappearing but most importantly that he was unable to tell the difference. He stated that he had his suspicions but had to confirm it for himself. This can lead to a conflict where Romeo uses this uncertainty to force the 2 friends to fight.

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Romeo's Guilt

One of the biggest revelations this season is that Romeo killed his friend Fred. What's also made clear is that Romeo, Xara, and Fred were close friends. They grew up together, developed their own towns, and Romeo created an entire gauntlet just for them. What exactly happened that caused them to break apart is inferred by the way people see them.

Fred is constantly praised by everyone for being creative, kind, and a willingness to help others. Romeo, on the other hand, believes in the opposite and strongly affirms that those with power should rule with those without. In episode 4 we learn from Fred's journal that he intended to confront Romeo, most likely towards his desire to conquer, which led to his death.

Romeo, in episode 3, stated that he "will have loads of friends" when he took Jesse's identity. This verifies that Romeo is not only bored but lonely. Judging from other Telltale adventures things are never in black and white and perhaps Romeo acting this way is because he didn't want to kill Fred, what if it an accident? Romeo could've killed Xara as well afterward but chose to imprison her instead.

You can argue that he wanted her to suffer, after all, it's apparent that Fred served as the buffer between the 2 since his bed was between both Romeo and Xara. However, I would argue that he still cared for Xara and didn't want the same fate for her. Episode 4 made it obvious that Xara wants nothing more than to kill Romeo, not just remove his powers. The final decision could be whether Jesse decides to kill Romeo or let him live but with the knowledge that he's just a broken person who's trying to mask his pain for killing his friend.

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Beacontown or Petra

Petra has had a troublesome journey since the start of season 2. She doesn't know where she belongs and seeing all her friends find new purpose is causing her to feel abandoned. In episode 4 she decides when this is all over that she'll leave Beacontown in search of what she wants from life. Jesse makes a decision there whether to remain at Petra's side or allow her to leave and reassure her that he'll be there when she returns.

Petra was serious about leaving, becoming an adventuring like Jack. However, whether Jesse remains in Beacontown could be up to the player. If you're wondering who would take over if Jesse leaves, well there's Rader or Lucas.

What are your predictions for the finale of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two? Let us know in the comments below!

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