Far Cry 5: How to Defeat Faith Seed

The Bliss must stop

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Mar 2018

Faith Seed isn't like the other battles in Far Cry 5. In the Bliss she has control over special abilities such as summoning allies, flying, and using energy orbs. But she can be beaten and here's how.

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First off, take at least 2 automatic weapons and one rifle. The adds she summons can be killed easily but they can overwhelm you if not killed quick enough.

Faith will float in the air and attack energy orbs. Run in a circular motion to avoid being hit and shoot her with your rifle for maximum damage. Once she takes enough she'll disappear and ammo with appear. Collect what you need and wait for Faith to reappear. Keep away from her or she'll knock you down in an endless loop.

When she reappears she'll summon adds and make holograms of herself. Kill the adds first and start shooting the holograms till you hit the real Faith. Continue the assault until the angel falls.

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