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Finding Paradise PC Review

A brilliant mixture of wonderful music and touching narrative make Finding Paradise a worthy entry in the series that began with To The Moon.

by Woozie, 17 Dec 2017

By the time I had reached its conclusion, To The Moon had me in tears. From its musical theme, to the way it handled its subject matter through powerful writing, perfectly knitting together a story that was personal, emotional and very relatable, it was an amazing narrative-drive...

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News Updates

  • Finding Paradise Gets Trailer Ahead Of Tomorrow's Release

    By Woozie, Posted 13 Dec 2017

    Finding Paradise is drawing closer to release and has just received an official trailer. You might remember a previous trailer for To The Moon 2, which took a shot at loot boxes. T

  • Finding Paradise Releases This December

    By Woozie, Posted 23 Nov 2017

    If heartfelt stories are something you enjoy, you're in luck. Freebird Games have announced that Finding Paradise, the 2nd full episode in the To The Moon series, wil

  • To the Moon Sequel Announced!

    By Woozie, Posted 14 Jan 2016

    Freebird Games have announced that Finding Paradise, the sequel of the exceptional To The Moon, is on the way after 5 years of waiting. While the studio has put out two minisodes f


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General Information

Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Freebird Games
Developer(s): Freebird Games
Genres: Point and click
Themes: Adventure
Release Date: 2017-12-14