Microsoft Announces Surprise Shutdown Of Mixer

Mixer is being shut down on July 22nd.

By TKras98, Posted 22 Jun 2020

In an unexpected move, Microsoft announced earlier today that Mixer, their livestreaming service and rival to Twitch, is shutting down next month. Mixer was prolific in the news because of its massive acquisitions of big streamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, KingGothalion, and Shroud. Microsoft has surprisingly partnered with Facebook Gaming to transition their viewership to Facebook’s platform.

Ninja during his original Mixer Exclusivity announcement

Streamers who have partner status on Mixer will be given partner status with Facebook Gaming, Mixer’s URLs will redirect to Facebook Gaming, and any streamers monetized through Mixer will be given a similar status with Facebook Gaming. As for viewers, anyone with active subscriptions to channels on Mixer, subscriptions to Mixer Pro, or a balance of Embers will be given equivalent Xbox gift cards.

The biggest thing that Mixer’s shutdown will do is give those contracted streamers who were given big bonuses to stream exclusively on Mixer freedom. They will be offered partnership on Facebook Gaming, but they would be free to return to Twitch or move to YouTube if they wanted. Only time will tell who takes the Facebook deal or who will transition to more popular platforms like Twitch.


Tyler Krasnai.
Editor, NoobFeed

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