King of Fighters Allstar Update Adds New Fighters and Battle Cards

21 new fighters added to King of Fighters Allstar

By Grayshadow, Posted 26 Jun 2020

Today, Netmarble confirmed that King of Fighters Allstar is getting a new update. Adding 21 new fighters and new Battle Cards for players to collect.

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The 21 fighters added to the game can be obtained through Fighter Summoning and the Roulette Wheel. With inclusions such as AS Elizabeth, XIV Rock Howard, and 03 Adelheid.

Other additions include:

·       Event Roulettes – The new ‘AS Swimsuit Mai and AS Swimsuit Angel fighters can be collected by spinning the roulette wheel with tickets from event missions

o   AS Swimsuit Mai is available from June 25 – July 8

o   AS Swimsuit Angel is available from July 9 – 23

·       Element Advent Dungeons – A new ‘Lunatic’ difficulty level is newly added to the game

·       Tower of Trials – Floors 51-60 – added more powerful enemies and prizes like Skip Tickets, Plus Capsules, Souls, and Rubies - have been unlocked.

·       Hot Time Event – From June 25 – July 22, new ‘Hot Time Events’ will increase rewards from Soul Quests and Power-Up Dungeons for a limited time.

King of Fighters Allstar is now available for mobile devices.

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